WWE No Way Out 2012 Predictions: 4 Title Matches, a Steel Cage and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 17, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012 Predictions: 4 Title Matches, a Steel Cage and More

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    WWE presents No Way Out, live on pay-per-view tonight! This is the first No Way Out event since 2009, when the PPV was held in February.

    This event has been built around the big steel cage match between John Cena and the Big Show. The WWE Championship match has a great storyline behind it, but the focus is definitely on the cage match.

    WWE presents seven matches for the return of the PPV, one of which will be on the pre-show on YouTube. Four of WWE’s six titles will be on the line, as fans see the two World Championships defended as well as the Intercontinental Championship and the Divas title.

    With just six matches on the PPV event itself, expect to see a filler match featuring Ryback again.

    Also expected to be at the show is chief operating officer Triple H. Expect him to address the Brock Lesnar situation, setting up their match at SummerSlam.

    Here are the seven matches, and who I think is going to win!

Pre-Show: Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

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    This match surprisingly has a bit of backstory behind it.

    A few weeks ago on Raw, Brodus Clay confronted the Big Show and wanted a match with him. It resulted in the main event of the show, and Big Show knocking out the Funkasaurus without the bell even ringing.

    Brodus disappeared for a week, but then reappeared on SmackDown last week. Teddy Long informed him that John Laurinaitis had banned him from appearing on Raw, and that he was now a permanent member of the SmackDown roster.

    This week, the Funkasaurus revealed that Laurinaitis declared that if he got anywhere near the Big Show, he’d be fired. Brodus proceeded to squash Heath Slater, but he was then attacked by Big Johnny’s legal advisor David Otunga.

    Otunga targeted the knee of the big man, and left him down on the mat.

    Otunga has the clear advantage in this match, with the potential injury to Brodus Clay. I don’t think he’s going to win, though.

    The Harvard lawyer has really nothing to gain in defeating him. Sure, he’ll break Brodus’ undefeated streak, but that’s not necessarily something to be proud of.

    While this won’t be the typical Brodus Clay squash match, Otunga will end up as Funkasaurus chow.

    Winner: Brodus Clay

Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez: Tuxedo Match

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    Stipulation: Stripping off your opponent’s tuxedo gains you victory.

    This feud began on one of WWE’s YouTube shows, and it moved over to Raw when Santino and Ricardo battled it out by rolling the letter “r.” It resulted in Ricardo getting hit with the Cobra, and the two have crossed paths a few times since.

    Their most recent encounter came this past Monday on Raw, when they faced off in tag-team action—Santino teaming with Layla and Ricardo with Beth Phoenix. It was basically a Divas match with some comedy from the men thrown in.

    Ricardo won the match after Beth pinned Layla, but his celebration ended when Santino ripped off his shirt to reveal a purple Justin Bieber shirt.

    The last Tuxedo Match I can remember being held in WWE was between Chavo Guerrero and Hornswoggle during their ridiculous feud in 2009. This kind of match is fine for a good laugh on Raw or SmackDown, but it has no place on PPV.

    It’s certainly not the kind of match the United States champion should be competing in. I’m surprised WWE didn’t disgrace the title more by putting it on the line here.

    This match is going to be short but potentially funny. Other than the humor that will come of it, this is a waste of a PPV match.

    As for the winner, I’m just going with Santino Marella because I honestly don’t care about this match. I’m looking forward more to the pre-show match than I am this.

    Winner: Santino Marella

Layla vs. Beth Phoenix: Divas Championship

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    This feud began last month when Beth Phoenix received her rightful rematch for the title. Since the woman that beat her, Nikki Bella, was no longer the champion or with WWE, she received her match against the current champion, Layla.

    The match occurred at Over the Limit, and it was a hard fought battle. The two Divas delivered a good match that saw Layla standing tall as champion at the end.

    After that, Beth squashed Kelly Kelly on the following episode of Raw, and the Divas disappeared from television. The only representation they have had has been A.J., who has proven to be the best Diva on the roster with a few simple actions.

    The Divas champion and her challenger popped back up on Raw this past Monday, in a mixed-tag match that saw Beth pin Layla.

    On SmackDown, Layla was on commentary when Beth squashed Alicia Fox.

    Other than their match at Over the Limit and this week’s Raw and SmackDown, this match has barely any hype. I’m sure the match is going to be good, but the fans in attendance are going to use it as a bathroom break.

    When it comes to the winner, I’m giving it to Beth Phoenix. Her reign last year may have been a bust, but I have a feeling that Kharma is finally returning.

    Layla will get her rematch at Money in the Bank and the big Beth Phoenix/Kharma match will finally occur at SummerSlam.

    Winner and New Champion: Beth Phoenix

Christian vs. Cody Rhodes: Intercontinental Championship

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    Christian shocked the WWE Universe when he returned during the pre-show of Over the Limit as the final entrant in a battle royale. Captain Charisma won the match, and was given the right to challenge for either the United States or Intercontinental Championship.

    He initially chose Santino Marella’s United States title, but he ended up changing his mind during the show and went for Cody Rhodes.

    The two of them had a great match that resulted in Christian winning the Intercontinental Championship—his first reign with the title in nine years.

    Christian would then proceed to wrestle on a weekly basis, defeating opponents on both Raw and SmackDown. The two superstars didn’t have much interaction except for a few promos, including a great one during the Peep Show on last week’s SmackDown.

    Rhodes wasn’t present this week, so Christian wrestled without having to worry about him getting involved in any of his business.

    With his rematch scheduled, Rhodes will no doubt be back tonight.

    These two will certainly have another very good match. Both of them are great in-ring performers and the mid-card has never been better thanks to them.

    Christian’s return has been a blessing to the WWE mid-card, as Rhodes has been carrying it pretty much by himself since late in the summer. These two have the potential to steal the show and I think there’s a chance they will do that.

    I think this match will go to Christian, as Rhodes is ready for the main event. Captain Charisma should stay in the mid-card for the rest of the summer to help things get back to normal, while I can see Rhodes winning one of the Money in the Bank briefcases next month!

    Winner and Still Champion: Christian

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler: World Heavyweight Championship

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    This match was originally supposed to be Sheamus defending the title against Alberto Del Rio, but thanks to a concussion, Del Rio had to be replaced.

    A Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match was set up on Raw between four former world champions. Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and the Great Khali battled it out for the No. 1 contender spot and after Khali was eliminated and the other three had a great match, Ziggler was standing tall as Sheamus’ challenger.

    This past Friday on SmackDown, they competed against each other in tag-team action, with Sheamus teaming with CM Punk and Ziggler with Daniel Bryan. After some good action, Ziggler rolled up Sheamus for the victory.

    Ziggler has been on a roll as of late. While he has lost more than he’s won, he has been delivering very good matches with Sheamus as well as Christian. He’s proving to everyone that he’s better than just having to team with Swagger.

    I don’t think he’s going to win, though. This feud literally just started, and giving him the title so quickly wouldn’t make much sense because there’s not much build.

    I think Sheamus will be retaining his title here and Ziggler will be getting another shot at Money in the Bank where a title win would be more believable.

    Winner and Still Champion: Sheamus

CM Punk vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan: WWE Championship

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    At Over the Limit, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan put on a wrestling clinic. While Punk retained the title by pinfall, he tapped the second after the referee finished his count. Bryan made the champion tap out, and he saw that as a reason to get another shot at the title.

    The two of them made a big mistake, though: messing with the Big Red Machine.

    Both Punk and Bryan have whacked Kane with a chair, making him believe the other did it. Kane would attack them each time, and was eventually added to the match after Bryan cost him a No. 1 contender’s match.

    Since then, these three have been at war. They have beat each other down multiple times and have gone at it on the mic. They not only have the WWE Championship in common, they have A.J. as well.

    A.J. is the ex-girlfriend of Bryan, while Punk is her current target of affection. After Kane took them both out, though, she set her sights on him. Her actions have confused the Devil’s Favorite Demon like never before.

    This past Monday on Raw, things took a huge turn. Laurinaitis booked Bryan and Kane to face Punk and A.J. in a match and she ended up skipping around Kane. She soon jumped up, latching onto him, and planted a huge kiss on Kane.

    He didn’t know what to make of it, and walked out on Bryan afterwards.

    This past Friday, A.J. was knocked out by Vickie Guerrero and Kane went to her, picked her up and began to carry her off. Punk made the save, but he ended up on the mat after a Chokeslam and so did Bryan.

    It all ended with A.J. sitting at the top of the ramp with a mesmerized look on her face.

    This match is going to come down to A.J. With a smile, lick of her lips and tilt of her head, she has become the best Diva on the roster. Her actions are second to none.

    She has all three men guessing as well. Bryan thinks she’s using Punk to get to him, and that will ultimately cost him the title.

    Punk protects her from Bryan and since he likes crazy chicks, he may very well feel something for her.

    Kane is the most confused of all. She has done something no one has ever been able to do, and that was getting him to stop his rampage.

    The smile confused him and the kiss got him to walk out of a match. What were his intentions when he began to carry her up the ramp on SmackDown? He either had something sinister planned, or he’s falling for whatever she’s doing.

    This match could go to either superstar, and A.J. will be directly involved with the finish somehow.

    I’d like to think that WWE will give Kane one last run with a world title, but I don’t see it happening here.

    I think this match will go to Daniel Bryan and that he’ll pin Kane.

    Winner and New Champion: Daniel Bryan

John Cena vs. Big Show: Steel Cage Match

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    Stipulations: If John Cena wins, Vince McMahon will fire John Laurinaitis. If Big Show wins, Laurinaitis will fire John Cena because he attacked him this past Friday on SmackDown.

    This all started when Big Show was fired for making fun of John Laurinaitis’ voice. The World’s Largest Athlete then appeared at Over the Limit to help Laurinaitis defeat John Cena.

    Big Show then revealed that Big Johnny re-hired him to a multi-million dollar contract and that he hated everyone. At the end of the show, Big Show knocked out Cena and the face of the WWE disappeared for a week.

    Big Show, on the other hand, went on a rampage. He took out Alex Riley, Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth on Raw; while he dismantled Zack Ryder and Santino Marella on SmackDown. Cena then returned the following week, but Big Show disappeared.

    The two finally went face-to-face this past Monday on Raw, when the stipulation was Johnny Ace is fired if Big Show loses, and it resulted in the WWE chairman getting knocked out by the Big Show.

    Both were on the show this past Friday on SmackDown, but at different times...and they didn’t meet in the ring. Instead, Big Show talked trash, and Cena knocked out Laurinaitis resulting in the Cena firing stipulation.

    I’ve been bored with every second of this feud. It’s good to see the Big Show as a monster, but it sad to see the monster constantly complaining that he has no friends and that everything is Cena’s fault.

    This match is going to go one of two ways:

    The first is Cena wins and Big Johnny is fired. Then Laurinaitis will find some kind of loophole to stay on the show in one way, shape or form.

    The second is that Big Show wins, thus resulting in the firing of John Cena. Then Cena will still appear every week like he did when he was fired during the Nexus storyline.

    Since John Cena being “fired” has already been done, I’m going with the “Laurinaitis gets fired then finds loophole” scenario.

    Winner: John Cena