Euro 2012 Results: Early Exits Await Advancing Teams of Lackluster Group A

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IJune 16, 2012

Group A simply did not have the firepower of the other groups, and this will be on full display next round. 

Czech Republic and Greece strung together a fabulous round of play in the group stage of the 2012 European Championship, and they will be rewarded by getting trounced in their next match. 

Czech Republic won Group A by capping off their 2-0-1 record with a 1-0 win over Poland on Saturday. Meanwhile, Greece advances on the strength of their surprising 1-0 win over Russia. 

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Czech Republic wins this group despite having a minus-one goal differential. This was due to the team getting destroyed 4-1 by Russia in their Euro opener. That's the same Russian team that failed to advance. 

This was a group mired in mediocrity. No squad could emerge as the dominant side, and they clearly are not up to the challenges the next round will produce. 

Greece is actually the higher ranked of the two advancing Group A teams in the official FIFA rankings (for what that's worth). They are 15th, and the Czech Republic is 27th. 

Greece features a tough defense, which will help them keep the scores down, but they do not have the firepower to do any real damage and will be outclassed going forward. 

Scoring goals is going to be difficult for both of these squads. Czech Republic hasn't exactly been filling up the net either, and their lack of firepower will be on vivid display in the next round. In fact, the solid bet here is that both of these squads have already scored their last goal at Euro 2012.