Earlier Game should be Big Time Boost for Texas

James ColtCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2016

The Texas-Texas Tech game has been moved from Nov. 7 to Sept. 19.

This means that when the two meet in Austin, Tyler Potts will have only two games under his belt instead of almost an entire season.  Not to mention that this will be his first-ever road game as a starter in college football.

Throw in the fact that Tech will be starting three new offensive linemen on Potts' blindside, and this game has the makings of a blowout already.

The game was moved for television broadcasting reasons.  ABC wanted to air the game in its prime-time slot that day. 

If I were Mike Leach, I would be furious about this move by the Big 12, but when it comes to money and college football, you really can't put anything past the people in charge.

This game could have possibly been a pretty big game late in the season with Texas possibly being undefeated and looking for revenge.

Television executives, however, must have been worried about all of the personnel losses to Tech, and been concerned it wouldn't have been a marketable game late in the season, but that if they televised it early then it might still have some intrigue because Tech probably won't lose to likes of North Dakota or Rice.