Miami Heat: 3 Reasons I Dislike LeBron James

Justin Schultz@@JSchu23Correspondent IJune 16, 2012

Miami Heat: 3 Reasons I Dislike LeBron James

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    LeBron James, you either love him or hate him. There's no middle ground, no in between.

    The Miami Heat gained thousands of fans when James took his talents to South Beach. But LeBron James became one of, if not the, most hated players in NBA history.

    I am included in the latter. I actively root for James to fail time in and time out. I giggle when his play goes downhill in the fourth quarter, and I smile when he dishes the ball to Udonis Haslem instead of taking the game-winning shot.

    LeBron's fans are probably the most biased fans in the NBA. When the Heat lose a ball game, Miami followers blame the likes of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, saying LeBron can't do it all by himself. When the Heat win, it's because of the former Cavalier alone.

    To Heat fans, LeBron James can do no wrong. To the rest of the world, everything he does is a mistake.

    Maybe all of the James criticism and hate is unwarranted. Yet again, maybe it's not.

    Here are the top three reasons I am not a LeBron James fan.

3. Self-Proclaimed Nickname 'King James'

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    Nobody, no matter how rich, famous or powerful, should be be allowed to label themselves with a nickname. LeBron James did just that, calling himself King James.

    King James?

    What is he the King of? Sure, he won two championships in high school, but so did everyone else in the NBA. He skipped college, so no crown there, and he has failed to win an NBA Championship.

    Please, someone tell me what LeBron James is the King of? I would truly like to know.

    He also calls himself the Chosen One. Yes, he was chosen first overall in the 2003 NBA draft, but he has had his "Chosen 1" tattoo since his high school days. You're not Neo, LeBron.

    If you want to name a King in the NBA, it would be King Bryant or King Duncan. It'd be King Adam Morrison, with two rings, before King James.

    His rightful nickname is Prince James. He is awaiting the throne, though it may never come.

2. The Decision

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    This is an easy one. LeBron James' "The Decision" was the worst decision he has probably ever made in his career. Seriously, who does this?

    It's been two years since ESPN agreed to air this disgrace, and I still cannot fathom why he did this. He must've known he would be ridiculed. He must've known notorious LeBron-hater Skip Bayless would have a field day with this. LeBron, what exactly were you thinking?

    Would any of the all-time greats ever do this? Not on their life.

    LeBron fans will say that "The Decision" has nothing to do with his play and that people should just appreciate his skill. While that's true, it's much more difficult to appreciate a man who demands so much fanfare. It's easier to vomit than it is to appreciate him.

    Thankfully, LeBron James has admitted that his ESPN special was a mistake and he wouldn't do it again.

    At least, we hope he doesn't do it again...

1. His Fans

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    My No. 1 reason on why I hate LeBron James is his fans. I can't stand them. It is impossible to have a conversation about their love affair with James. Half of the people who watch the Heat don't pay attention to anyone else on the team. They only care about LeBron. They place blame on everyone else but LeBron. To them, James is God.

    Everything LeBron does, not matter how stupid or how dumbfounding, his fans defend him for to the death. There's a difference between being a die-hard fan and being a blind fan.

    A die-hard fan loves their team or player through the good and the bad. When things aren't going too well, they critique and demand things to be changed.

    A blind fan agrees with what their team or player does 100 percent of the time. LeBron James fans are blind fans. James could pull a Ron Artest and beat the crap out of a fan for no reason, and his fans would scream that it was justified and warranted.

    It's sickening how blind James fans are. They aren't fans. They are just followers, and LeBron is the cult leader.

    I understand that LeBron James has no control over how his fans act. It's not his fault.

    But until his fans stop being so blind and use some common sense for once, it'll be just another reason for people, like me, to dislike him.