WWE No Way out 2012: Matches That Will Steal the Show

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJune 16, 2012

Gallo Images/Getty Images
Gallo Images/Getty Images

With a card lacking in juice, something needs to happen to make it worthwhile for fans to buy the pay-per-view.

These matches may not be enough to buy the pay-per-view, but they will sure steal the show.


John Cena vs. Big Show

Let's get this one out of the way. As far as the two fighting, it's not that appealing. However, when you add a steel cage and an unknown ending possibility, it will catch people's attention.

It may not be the best matchup of the night, but it will be interesting to see what happens. Will Big Show record a victory? Will Cena take some time off? Will Triple H come back?

With so many potential storylines and Cena being the face of wrestling, this has to be included in matches that will steal the show.  


Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus 

Generally I'm not a fan of basic one-on-one matches. They tend to bore me for three-fourths of the contest, but this one catches my eye.

Dolph Ziggler is capable of becoming a star in the WWE if the company allows him. He has star quality, charisma, athletic ability and he's solid on the microphone.

WWE would be wise to give Ziggler the title to see how high he can take his ceiling. He'll prove against Sheamus why he's capable of being another star in the WWE.

Ziggler is the real deal if they decide to give him an opportunity. If he fails, just send him back to the middle of the pack and allow him to work from there. 

It's worth the risk. 


Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk vs. Kane

Triple threat matches aren't great, but they are much better than one-on-one contests. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan provide quality wrestling and Kane provides raw power.

It should be an intriguing matchup and the company could go in multiple directions. When a match is set up with this possibility, it makes it that much more exciting. 

With no clear ending, three solid WWE superstars and the triple threat factor, expect this to be one of the matches people enjoy from this pay-per-view.