Alex Rodriguez Won't Help Leafs on The Way To The Cup

Graeme BoyceCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

The Leafs need to win tonight, and tomorrow night and the night after.  They need to win all their remaining games, and if they do will hence win the Cup.  Simple strategy, if you ask me.  Along comes luck and timing to impose their will.  Hagman isn't playing the same way since coming back, and it's tragic to see what is happening to Van Ryn's career, especially in light of The Lindros Revelations.

The Leafs have been playing quite well lately, despite the occasional letdown, and look to teach the Panthers tonight a lesson.  McCabe, et al, got lucky last time out.  I think The Leafs are rebounding and finding the confidence they were missing for the majority of the season.  Too little too late, in order to finish atop the heap, but it's about parity... combined with luck and timing that is winning games and championships these days.

Toskala is still a gamble, a challenge.  It's something the Leafs can afford to change and I'd rather see a change in goal immediately and I'd rather a rookie be given a Palmateer-esque chance; committed and dedicated, moreso entertaining and mostly effective.  I suppose if change is coming it's not coming in the form of Manny Legace.  It's obvious they could retire Cujo any time.

Jason Blake really is starting to impress on the ice.  I can't talk to his attitude in the locker room, but he's leading the team with his timely increase in goal production lately.  Grabovsky is picking it up in the consistency department, but I'm looking for a breakout game from Kulemin against the Panthers.

I'm keeping my eye on Sifers, as well as White, who needs another goal tonight.  I predict a powerplay goal from Kubina to top off my prediction of a big win!