Michigan Football: Picking Every 2012 Game on the Board Against the Spread

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIJune 17, 2012

Michigan Football: Picking Every 2012 Game on the Board Against the Spread

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    Some early point spreads have come out for the 2012 season and they already have people talking. The usual questions have arisen, with people debating which spreads are too high and which are too low.

    Here's a look at the point spreads that have been released on Michigan's 2012 games and whether they are accurate or if it would be smart to bet against them.

Sep. 1: Michigan vs. Alabama (-12)

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    A lot of people are saying Michigan shouldn't be a 12 point underdog but in all honesty, I think that spread is just right. Michigan will lose by anywhere from 10 to 17 points, so 12 looks like an accurate number.

    If Michigan can keep it within 10 or under, they'll have to feel extremely good about themselves.

    No doubt, tons of bets will be placed on this game around the country, but the current 12 point spread is spot on.

Sep. 22: Michigan @ Notre Dame (-1)

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    I think Notre Dame being favored here shocked a lot of people, but again, I'm going to have to agree with this one. I just see way too many factors going Notre Dame's way in this one: home game, night atmosphere, three consecutive four point losses, etc.

    I think Michigan will, without a doubt, have the better team, but it will still be extremely tough to go into South Bend and win. This game should definitely come down to the wire once again, and I think the current spread looks to be spot on.

Oct. 20: Michigan State @ Michigan (-6)

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    This spread is a bit too low. There's no doubt that Michigan will win this game; the real question is by how much. As of right now, 10 point victory for Michigan seems right.

    Heck, it wouldn't be surprised if they won this game by 14. It also wouldn't be surprising if they only win by 7.

    Regardless, a 6 point spread is too low. It would be wise to put money on this one.

Oct. 27: Michigan (-2) @ Nebraska

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    This game is, without a doubt, one of the toughest games to predict on Michigan's entire schedule. It is an absolute tossup, with both teams having an equal chance to win.

    Therefore, I have no problem with the spread being what it is. With that being said, I also wouldn't have a problem if Nebraska was favored by 2 in this game. That just goes to show you how even of a game this really is.

Nov. 24: Michigan (-2) @ Ohio

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    This game has a similar feeling as the Nebraska game. It is an absolute tossup, as either team could easily be favored.

    This is Michigan's second hardest game of the season, with the Nebraska game being a close third. The spread here is spot on, as the winner, regardless of who it is, should win by more than 7.