Must-Win Games for the New Orleans Saints in 2012

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With almost 13 weeks remaining until anyone in the National Football League plays a regular-season game of football, it’s next to impossible to predict which team needs to win what games.

In June, having a must-win game on your schedule is kind of like planning a bachelor party before finding a woman willing to go out with you on a date. It’s a lot of fun, but a relatively meaningless adventure.

However, if you consider reasons why a team might need to win games from a mental standpoint, the process of predicting wins seems to offer more value.

This is exactly the case for the New Orleans Saints in 2012.

Without knowing what the Saints record will be on any given Sunday, or without knowing the standings in the NFC South or the conference as a whole, calling a game “must win” from a wins and losses standpoint doesn’t work.

But the Saints have a few reasons why some games on their schedule will be meaningful. The offseason in New Orleans has been fraught with perils, punishments, allegations and bickering. Because of this, there are three points on the New Orleans schedule where it would be a fantastic idea to win a football game—it’s kind of always a good idea to win, but these situations will amplify the need.

There’s also a mighty important stretch towards the end of the Saints’ schedule that could be very treacherous.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts. What are the must-win games for the New Orleans Saints in 2012? 

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