NFL Offseason: Power Ranking AFC West Offenses

Aaron NaglerNFL National Lead WriterJune 17, 2012

Free agency has come and gone. Teams have had their annual talent infusion via the draft. OTAs and minicamps have mostly come and gone.

It's time to look at how divisional foes stack up against each other and today we specifically look at ranking the offenses from the AFC West.

Obviously, a lot of what happens in the AFC West hinges on a return to health by Peyton Manning, and trying to rank offenses within the division is no different. If Manning is back to even the level we saw him playing at in 2010, it's safe to assume he and the Denver Broncos will be putting up points in bunches as the year goes on.

The San Diego Chargers should return to the form we're used to seeing—yes, addition by subtraction here. In my mind, there's no question that Philip Rivers is due to bounce back from his sub-par year in a big way. Yes, he lost Vincent Jackson, but Eddie Royal and Robert Meachum will more than pick up the slack, not to mention Vincent Brown who I think will have a breakout second year.

While I think the Kansas City Chiefs will actually win the division, I expect their offense to take a bit more time to gel in 2012. Getting Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles back will obviously be huge, and new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will have Peyton Hillis to use as a battering ram. But overall, I don't expect this offense to quite keep pace with Denver and San Diego.  

The Oakland Raiders will undoubtedly lean on Darren McFadden and will benefit from having quarterback Carson Palmer through a full offseason, but it's hard to see where the points will come from in Oakland. I don't doubt they will move the ball between the 20s, but scoring touchdowns may be another story.