Top 5 Aspects of Turner Field

Samantha Schipman@Samantha_2446Contributor IIJune 15, 2012

Top 5 Aspects of Turner Field

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    Turner Field may not have a swimming pool, aquarium or a hideous home run feature, but it's still a great place for baseball (imagine that!).

    It's fairly accessible to get to (though I do recommend purchasing a parking ticket before the game). Ticket prices are reasonable, especially compared to other ballparks. The food and drink prices are standard as well.

    If $1 Skyline seats aren't enough to get you to the stadium, here are five more reasons to have you head down I-85.


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    From parking attendants to concession workers to ushers, everyone is great. They are very friendly and personable. The staff is also really helpful. They are kind and never make you feel like you are an inconvenience. And they always seem happy.

    A staff like that goes a long way to making your stay enjoyable.

4. 755 Club

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    For a different ballpark dining experience try the 755 Club.

    The 755 Club is a bar/restaurant overlooking left field. There are tables by the window to watch the game. You can also find a bar and lounge area.

    Entry into the 755 Club is limited to members and ticket holders in the reserved club level.

    The menu offers traditional items such as nachos and hot dogs. One can also find Crème Brulee Cheesecake. Also offered are beer, wine and mixed drinks as well.

    Be prepared to spend a little bit of money. The nachos were $13 and the crème brulee cheesecake was $10. Ouch.

3. Atmosphere

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    The hometown fans love their team and they love to show it.

    Nothing gets the crowd going like the “chop." As soon as the tomahawks on the scoreboards start moving, the “ohhh ohhh ohhhs” and chopping arm movements begin. Above the main scoreboard, the Braves logo lights up to match the chant. It can get almost deafening at times.

    Hometown fans also like to chant back at over the opponents’ fans.  

    They don’t want to be shown up in their own house.

2. Reserved Club-Level Seating

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    If you have the money to spend, I recommend sitting in the reserved club level. The view from these seats is great. You get an unobstructed view from the field.

    With these tickets, you also have access to restaurants that serve pasta, pizza, sushi, traditional ballpark flare and crepes. There is also a Chick-Fil-A, Mayfield ice cream and Dippin’ Dots.

    The indoor area also features plenty of dining areas, chairs and TVs to watch what’s going on outside. It is also air conditioned. This area can be reached by elevator.

    Another bonus: Nice bathrooms

1. Braves Hall of Fame and Museum

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    The Braves Hall of Fame and Museum is quite spectacular. Even non-Braves fans would enjoy visiting here.

    The museum covers the Atlanta Braves through their earliest days back in Boston. It features more than 600 artifacts.

    In the museum, you’ll find Warren Spahn’s Purple Heart and World War II uniform, Rafael Belliard’s uniform and ball from his second career home run, the 1995 World Series trophy and Brian McCann’s Silver Slugger awards.

    You should definitely take the tour. A tour guide will lead you through Turner Field, stopping at places like the Broadcast Booth, Coca-Cola Skyfield and the dugout, among other places.

    It is most definitely the price of admission.