Offseason Wishlist for the Los Angeles Lakers

Rob MahoneyNBA Lead WriterJune 16, 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers are cap-struck, locked into their current core and hamstrung by Kobe Bryant's incredible $30 million 2012-2013 salary. Yet the team is in need of an obvious shake-up, and as is ever the case, remains a fixture in every trade rumor that makes its way through the pipeline.

You know the drill: Dwight Howard and Deron Williams are apparently both still coming to L.A., Lamar Odom will re-sign at some distant date for the veteran minimum and every other superstar lusts over the possibility to suit up in forum blue and gold.

The Lakers are certainly a destination team, but salary cap rules figure to make their offseason a difficult one—unless they opt to trade either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum for a collection of more versatile parts. That remains an option, but in lieu of that extreme possibility, what more reasonable options are on the Lakers' wish list?


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