Duke-UNC: Another Display of Duke Outshooting UNC?

Chris IrvinCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2008

What's not to love about two Hall of Fame coaches feuding about what the other says? 

What's not to love about a bunch of talented college kids with a lot of heart going at it in a heated battle? 

The Duke UNC rivalry is one of the best in sports.  Second to maybe the Yankee's-Red Sox.  What makes this game even more attractive is the fact that the ACC title is on the line also. 

Last time these two teams met Duke took the game 89-78.  Duke shot lights out having six players in double figures.  They shot 13-29 from beyond the arc.  Their defense wasn't bad either, Duke had six blocked shots and eleven steals. 

On the UNC side they shot only 2-17 from beyond the arc—and had only three steals.  I wouldn't count on another poor shooting performance from the UNC guards.

In this game I would look for even more intensity than the first time.  The game is in Cameron, the Crazies will be going nuts and so will the players. 

Look for both teams to push the ball and try to get out to an early lead. 

Both are looking for momentum into the tournament and both teams have a lot to lose.