Is It College Football Season Yet?

Travis HitsonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

I know, I know, its only been a little over a month, but I need that feeling of football. I should be used to it by now, but it's never easy when I come to the realization that it's over. Can I just go to sleep and wake up on September 3?

College football season brings so much good and bad to my life that I miss the excitement in the offseason. I love the Friday before a big Georgia game, where I start thinking to myself, "can we do it?"

Then all the negatives roll in and when other people ask me if Georgia is going to win, I can never give them a straight answer. It's all maybes, if we can do this or that, and so forth. Then, I'll tuck myself in and my fiance will tell me to quit shifting around and go to sleep!

Saturday arrives and I'm up around 6:30 a.m, just a ball of nerves. Thinking "I hope we can pull this out, and if we dont, what the heck will I do?" Pacing starts right when Gameday begins on ESPN.

I'm watching the three amigos chatter and breakdown the games, and I'm just hoping Lee Corso doesn't feel good about a UGA win, because that never turns out well. I finally put my trusty UGA t-shirt on, followed by my backup shirt.

Kickoff is here and I get into my coaching stance. I pace, signal for first downs, and yell a lot.

Saturday will end with a win or a loss, meaning I'm either over the moon or playing the what-if game. My fiance will remind me that it's only a game and so on, but then Ill remind her what she did during the Auburn game earlier or later in the day.

Sunday comes and I either wake up with a big ol' smile, or a case of the Sunday blues. A Sunday after a win is spent cruising different newspapers on the internet, checking the message board of the team Georgia just beat, and waiting on the new poll to come out.

A Sunday after a loss is a totally different story. I won't look at a single newspaper, surf the internet, or check any message boards or polls.

All of this is what makes college football great. all of the ups and downs of the season. If we really think about it, we have no possible way of influencing the outcome of our team's games, but we damn sure try. I miss you college football, and I hope you miss me too.

If you're wondering, there are 202 days left until college football season is back, but who's counting?