TNA Wrestling: 7 Guys Who Should Step Up During the Summer Months on Impact

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 15, 2012

TNA Wrestling: 7 Guys Who Should Step Up During the Summer Months on Impact

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    The days are getting hotter and TNA Impact Wrestling is making its case as one of the hottest programs in the business right now.

    With the Bound for Glory Series underway and the return of wrestlers like The Pope, James Storm and Abyss, you can bet things will be scorching before too long.

    Welcome to TNA's outbreak season.

    There are seven guys who will be counted on to carry the flagship of the company and produce for the summer. While TNA can never compete on a grander scale with the WWE, it can make a name for itself on its own. Remember, we all want TNA to rise up, but WWE is a wrestling business of its own. If we look at TNA as a niche outfit, then it is successful as it is.

    And with that, here are some wrestlers who will take another step forward this summer.

Austin Aries

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    In my opinion, he will become the next AJ Styles.

    There is so much potential in Aries, the man who could be the next TNA World Champion.

    His style, his mouth and his ability in the ring remind me a lot of how Ric Flair was in his younger days. I am not saying he is even close to Ric Flair, but there is a lot of arrogance that Aries can back up.

    And he can mix it up with anyone on the TNA roster.

    He is part-Chris Benoit, part-Dean Malenko and part-Chris Jericho. Not a bad comparison for someone who has been stuck in the X-Division and has only recently looked out onto the horizon and seen the whole picture.

    I believe in time, he will become the face of Impact Wrestling.

Samoa Joe

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    Last year, Samoa Joe did not win anything in the Bound for Glory Series and instead, took his anger out on contenders, beating them up and hurting them.

    This year, Joe has a chance to be a real player in title contention. I suspect a Samoa Joe/James Storm final is not out of the question.

    The former tag team champion (along with Magnus) could be the one guy who will stand in the way of James Storm getting his hands on Bobby Roode.


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    The man could be another one of those superstars in the making.

    With skills like a Kerry Von Erich, only better, and looks of Hugh Jackman, he could be another guy who becomes a face of the future.

    The creative team of TNA had better see what they have in front of them now and build on his popularity. He could be one of those guys battling Crimson or another beast down the road.

Bully Ray

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    I still think this man deserves a shot at the World Title and he will be the bitter heel who has to take his anger out on everyone, much like Samoa Joe last year in the BFG Series.

    Bully Ray is the best heel in the business today, period.

    And in the ring, he has proven that while still a very formidable tag team player if he could find a partner, he could carry this company on his back by himself.

Bobby Roode

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    The longest reigning TNA World Champion ever, Roode still has a few things to prove in the ring.

    With B.F.G now in swing and other contenders coming at him, it will be interesting to see how long he can keep his belt. If he keeps it all summer, then TNA has done something that hasn't been done in a while. It has created a champion who can go through everyone and still be prominent and viable, much like a Ric Flair or a Randy Savage.

    Roode truly is one for the ages.

Mr. Anderson

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    I like the fact TNA is giving Anderson another shot at the title and making him an important part of their television package.

    Anderson is excitement and while wrestlers like Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam have lost a little bit of their charm in recent months, Anderson's shtick is fresh and he is still a crowd favorite.

    Everyone likes his persona and can relate to it.

James Storm

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    This is James Storm's year!

    He will be TNA World Champion again. And how TNA has marketed him and brought him back from heartache and despair is another one of those brilliant moves that comes along from planning and execution.

    It also means wrestling still matters to a lot of people in this company, including the cowboy.

    Storm is money. And TNA will profit from him.