Guess Who: The Other 103 Players

Jared ShaefsContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

With the news about Alex Rodriguez testing positive for a banned substance in 2003, everyone is now wondering who the other 103 players were.

It could a be a ray of greats like Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Randy Johnson, or it could be just a list of role players and minor leaguers mixed with that one big name (A-Rod).

This is all speculation but you have to believe if A-Rod's name was leaked, if there was another big name that player would also be leaked. Because of this it has come to believe that the only big name is A-Rod mixed in with role players and other major leaguers. 

A lot of players who are suspended for steroids are players who have no role on a team or minor leaguers who are looking to get a promotion to the big leagues or just more playing time. Then you always have those big name players mixed in with the little guys like A-Rod, Bonds and Clemens. 

Players who have suspended since 2005 are players like Austin Montero, Jamal Strong, Juan Salas, and Ryan Jorgenson...just to name a few. How many players do you know out of that list? Probably none if not one or two, and I would expect the list of 104 to be the same. 

Just a list of players who want to be heard, who want a bigger role on their team or just players who want to make it to the show. Along with those type of players will probably be players who have a good, long career (e.g. Mike Cameron, Jose Guillen, Rafael Betancourt, Jose Guillen).

And then to top off that list of 104 is the biggest name of all: Alex Rodriguez. 

That right there is my guess of who the list of 104 is made up of.