The Hottest Fans at Euro 2012

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIJune 15, 2012

The Hottest Fans at Euro 2012

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    With the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship well underway, let's take a moment to review the results so far.

    And no, we don't mean the matchups, key injuries and controversial calls. We're far more interested in the beautiful support flooding the venues.

    So sit back, relax and enjoy the diverse collection of soccer maniacs perusing our screens one breathtaking smile at a time.

    Fandom has never been so beautiful.

20. From Russia with Love

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    Don't be fooled for a second that this sexy diehard isn't capturing her own award-winning smile on camera.

    She's got plenty of other cameramen as backup just in case.

19. Romanian Gladiators

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    Looking to the higher-ups for some extra luck.

    Are you not entertained!?

18. A Fashion Statement

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    Ukraine needs all the help they can get when they face France and its new Nike getup.

    Half a smile should do it.

17. An Offer We Can't Refuse

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    Missed opportunities continue to haunt the Italian soccer team. 

    Blaming it on the distracting fans seems fair.

16. Shifting Focus

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    This Russian squad clearly knows what it takes to win.

    The necessary flag dance.

15. Checkered Enthusiasm

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    This Croatian fan seemed inspired by her team's performance against Italy.

    On the other hand, a 1-1 draw isn't so exciting.

14. Croatian Invasion

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    Two's a hangout; three's a party; four's a crowd.

    Five's perfection.

13. A Portuguese Influence

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    The epic Ray-Ban sunglasses. It doesn't get any more incognito.

    Or classy.

12. Breathtakingly Subtle

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    Watching her beloved Irish club get trounced by Spain 4-0 must've been tough for this looker.

    But she made it bearable for all her neighbors.

11. The Mystery Woman

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    Just in case you're not aware, she's rooting for Germany.

10. Picture Perfect

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    With everything frozen behind her, this one delightful fan captures an eager lens by surprise.

    Colliding on a masterpiece.

9. Hearty Support

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    Simply showing her neighbors that this fan wears her heart on her cheek.

    Wearing it on the sleeve is old news.

8. Big Fat Greek Supporting

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    Falafel, feta-covered salad and beautiful women...that's what Greece does.

    A round of applause.

7. The Polish Sensation

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    She's been called the Larissa Riquelme of Poland.

    And she hasn't even stuffed a cell phone in her cleavage yet.

6. The Fields of Athenry

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    Just leading her Irish followers by example.

    Although we can't really focus on anyone else.

5. Danish Elegance

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    Denmark is obviously on the rise.

    And we don't mean on the field.

4. Swedish Fish

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    Just a slight curl of the hair gets every cameraman in the stadium shifting focus.

    A legendary stare indeed.

3. Nature's Beauty

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    Rain perfectly falling down? Czech. A slight smile that gets the crowd swirling? Czech. Spelling the word "check" as Czech? Czech.

2. Light at the End of the Tunnel

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    Don't be fooled by the calm exterior—this fan is undoubtedly hanging by a thread as her team fights for an unlikely spot in the knockout phase.

    Just keep smiling.

1. Port of Beauty

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    Just another breathtaking Cristiano Ronaldo fan sharing her passion with the rest of the world.

    She should have no problem garnering attention.