A-Rod's Apology Good First Step to Moving Forward

Jaime SanchezContributor INovember 8, 2016

Alex Rodriguez' apology yesterday on ESPN for using steroids for two years while with the Texas Rangers is just what he needed to do.

I agree with Francesa and Carton that A-Rod did the only respectable thing; instead of taking the Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens path of denying the use or abuse of 'roids, he took the high road of Andy Pettitte.

But, A-Rod's apology created an even bigger hole for himself. Now, I think he may get one more chance to clear his conscience with the public, but he will not get a third.

I do think Rodriguez is telling the truth, but perhaps not the whole truth, and in the future we will find out. Who knows, maybe he has been on steroids since he was 18.

Nevertheless, admitting his mistake yesterday was an important first step for him to continue being part of the Yankees, and hopefully he can focus on winning a championship. But he needs to win that championship so that, at least in New York, he can be forgiven.