WWE No Way out 2012: Why a Loss vs. John Cena Will Not Destroy Big Show

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJune 15, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

B/R's own Adam Wells recently wrote that "Anything less than a victory over John Cena on Sunday night at WWE No Way Out will be disastrous for Big Show."

He continued:

Having Show just lose to Cena, regardless of whether or not it is clean, makes him look like a dork. He has built up this match to be the biggest of his career. Cena has said that Show has to win this match, or else he has nothing to do.

Show must defeat Cena. It is the only way fans will take him seriously in his new role (as a monster heel). 

I beg to differ.

The only way Big Show ends up looking like a dork is if Cena beats him cleanly.

There are many ways Big Show could lose without looking like a "dork."

One way Big Show could lose and still look dominant would be by throwing John Cena right through (and out of) the cage—just like he did to Stone Cold Steve Austin at the 1999 St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV. You can watch the incident here.

Another way Big Show could lose and still look dominant would be by having Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, Santino Marella, Mr. McMahon and every other person whose been wronged by Big Show to interfere in the match and help Cena beat Show.

If anything, this would make Big Show look strong (considering Cena needed outside help to win).

Yet another way Big Show could lose and still look dominant would be by allowing Cena to leave the cage.

Huh? Why would Show allow Cena to leave the cage?

John Laurinaitis' job is on the line in this match, right?

Well, perhaps Big Show could decide to redeem himself (for saving Laurinaitis' job at Over The Limit) by costing Laurinaitis his job at No Way Out. This would make Big Show a baby face again.

Show could then apologize to the WWE Universe for becoming a monster and explain that people make mistakes.

What do you think?


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