Could Tony Gonzalez's Future Lie With the Colts?

Joe HastenContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

You may not know this, but Tony Gonzalez wants to be traded. He says that he wants to find a new, better team that would have a chance to win him a Super Bowl ring. I may have found the ideal spot for him.

On Feb. 8, 2009, Gonzalez played in the Pro Bowl with Peyton Manning. Manning and Gonzalez connected for the opening touchdown. Manning and Gonzalez seemed to be in perfect sync

Maybe Manning is the right quarterback for Gonzalez.

Assuming that Marvin Harrison retires this year, the Colts will have a gap at the wide receiver position. Dallas Clark, the current tight end, plays like a wide receiver. With the triple threat of Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, and Clark, the Colts offense can be even more dominant. However, the position of tight end is open.

The Colts can try to draft a great receiver or tight end, but that pick would need to develop. Wouldn't it be ideal to learn from the great Tony Gonzalez?

If Manning and Gonzalez can be in such sync after just one week of preparation, imagine what all of training camp could do.

The Colts have the salary cap room to take Gonzalez on. True, he is past his prime, but Gonzalez is still a good player. He can catch the ball, has speed, and can break tackles. Most importantly, he can block and come off of blocking to make a play. He would be a great asset to the Colt franchise.

Even if Gonzalez stays for one year, he could teach young players his skills. He would make a great mentor for rookies and other inexperienced players, because he would also be learning a new system.

Overall, the Colts should definitely pursue Tony Gonzalez.