Golden State Warriors: 5 Reasons Why Andrew Bogut-David Lee Pairing Will Work

Kyle Ramos@Kyle_RamosCorrespondent IJune 19, 2012

Golden State Warriors: 5 Reasons Why Andrew Bogut-David Lee Pairing Will Work

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    The Warriors are in unfamiliar territory going into this offseason with two quality big men playing in their front court. The past few seasons, Golden State has seen it's share of misfortune at the power forward and center positions. They could never quite find two consistent big men who could play well together and help their team produce on both ends of the court.

    Now the "Dubs" have what they've been searching for in David Lee and Andrew Bogut. Lee has been a solid producer for the Warriors and now has a decent center to play alongside. Bogut came over to the Warriors in a trade deadline deal after seven injury-filled seasons with the Bucks.

    The question is, however, will these two big men produce together for Golden State? Let's take a look at five reasons why that will be the case next season.

5. Unselfishness

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    One thing about this pair of big men is their ability to share the basketball. Bogut and Lee are both above-average passers for being so big, and it will make a difference in strengthening the offense of the Warriors.

    Lee has a career average of 2.2 assists per game and Bogut has his career average at 2.3. While those numbers aren't stunning, it's a small glimpse into the passing ability of both of these players.

    Good passing from post players can really break down defenses since they will have to account for both the shot and the pass in the post when Bogut or Lee has the rock.

    With outside shooters like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to stay on the perimeter after an entry pass to the post, Bogut or Lee should be able to rack up some assists by finding them behind the arc.

    As a whole, this really benefits the Golden State offense which could definitely use a little bit of variety. With Bogut and Lee both able to make their own offense as well as facilitate their teammates, the Dubs could become more efficient on the offensive end.

4. Experience

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    Both Lee and Bogut have been in the NBA since 2005 and have earned their veteran titles. With the Warriors still rebuilding and getting younger, having experienced players in the starting lineup with the youthful talent could be beneficial.

    The other two staples for the Warriors (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson) are still only 24 and 22, respectively, meaning having some seasoned guys both in the locker room and on the court could rub off on them and push them to the next level.

    Also, with Bogut and Lee both having experience means they will pick up on each other's playing style more quickly and develop chemistry with a little more ease.

    Having something like this is crucial for the Warriors to succeed over the course of the season since they will most likely be adding a lot of new faces either through the draft or free agency.

3. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

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    Like I mentioned earlier, Curry and Thompson are the staples of the Warriors' back court that will see a lot of good come out of the Bogut-Lee pairing. 

    Curry and Thompson's ability to shoot well from the perimeter allows them to spread the floor for Lee and Bogut and allows the big men to have room to operate in the post. In addition to giving them room, Curry and Thompson also provide options for Bogut and Lee on offense even though both big men are capable of scoring on their own.

    Though people will be looking at Lee's and Bogut's stats next season to see whether or not the pairing is working, looking at how it affects the players around them can prove to be just as important.

    Curry and Thompson may be the players next season who benefit the most from this pairing, and the Warriors as a whole should definitely see some good team production as well.

2. Offensive Threats

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    As I mentioned in the previous slide, Curry and Thompson provide options on offense for Bogut and Lee. However, Lee and Bogut have proven so far in their own careers that they can be go-to scoring options of their own.

    Lee averaged a solid 20.1 points per game last season for Golden State and did so by shooting an efficient 50 percent from the field. Bogut was less of a prominent scorer during his time in Milwaukee, but you do have to factor in his lingering injuries in the past few seasons.

    Aside from that, Bogut has shown enough prowess in the post to be considered a threat down low, and teams will still respect that regardless of how many points per game he has put up in the past.

    Considering the turmoil of the Warriors at the center position in recent years, Bogut will be a refreshing upgrade for his teammates who can now have two options to look for in the post, thus lightening the load on David Lee's shoulders.

1. They Complement Each Other

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    What it boils down to for the Warriors and the pairing of Bogut and Lee is that these two players will end up playing quite well together.

    Bogut has proven himself as an outstanding rebounder. Lee has proven himself as an outstanding rebounder. Bogut excels at low-post defense. Lee excels at low-post defense.

    See a pattern there?

    With two big men on the court who are equally talented at rebounding and post defense, the Warriors may be in the process of forming a new identity on defense. For a team known for their "run-n-gun" tactics, Golden State may finally be able to play even more offense with how good Lee and Bogut can be defending the ball and rebounding missed shots.

    Additionally, both Bogut and Lee have shown proficiency in their mid-range shot which gives the Warriors not just one but two versatile big men to work with on the offensive end.

    Together, Bogut and Lee will be a refreshing sight on the court for Warriors fans who have had to see awkward pairings of big men over recent seasons.

    While Bogut and Lee will both be working their way back from injuries next season, there's reason to believe they may form one of the more solid front courts in the NBA during next season.