Five Reasons Why Michigan Will Beat Alabama

Michael ChungCorrespondent IIIJune 14, 2012

Five Reasons Why Michigan Will Beat Alabama

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    Many consider the first game of the season for the Wolverines a guaranteed loss. 

    The SEC dominance should carry over to the 2012 season as many experts believe.  But just as there are cycles in economics, weather and popular culture, there are cycles in College Football. Could the Alabama vs. Michigan game begin a new cycle?  Is the SEC so much better than the B1G that this game is over before it started?

    I will look at five reasons why I believe Michigan can defeat Alabama.

1. Overconfident Alabama, National Championship Hangover

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    After winning the national championship in dominating fashion over LSU, many national writers feel that it is a foregone conclusion that Alabama will win.

    Las Vegas has already deemed Alabama a 13-point favorite but it is not uncommon for Las Vegas to have rose-colored glasses and maybe they are overrating the defending national champions. 

    The Crimson Tide should come into this game overconfident after hearing all off-season they will win this game against UM easily.

2. Angry Michigan Team

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    After hearing almost every national writer proclaiming victory for the Crimson Tide, the Wolverines will be tired of the hype against them and will be out to prove something. 

    Remember when USC played Texas and everyone felt USC would win easily and Vince Young beat the Trojans almost single-handedly?

    The ingredients for another upset are in the pot.

3. Denard Robinson

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    Denard Robinson is the type of player that can put his whole team on his back. 

    He is an elite player with elite skills and if he has the game of his life, he can lead the Wolverines past the Tide in an upset.

4. Returning Starters

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    Michigan has about 18 returning starters on offense and defense while Alabama has only 11.

    Hit hard by players entering the NFL draft early, the Tide lost key players like Trent Richardson and Dre Kirkpatrick to the NFL and will be hard to replace them so fast. Being the first game of the season, the experience level is a huge advantage for the Wolverines.

5. Second Year Under Greg Mattison

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    It is hard to believe that this will only be Greg Mattison's second year in Ann Arbor. 

    The UM defense returned to the UM of old under Mattison and defense returned as a strength. While losing players like Mike Martin to graduation, Mattison turned an awful defense into one of the tops in the B1G.

    Can you imagine what he will do with a second year?

    Almost everyone under Urban Meyer's Florida coaching staff is now a head coach, with the miracle Mattison performed last year, why is he not one?