My Least Favorite NBA Players

Taylor LunemannCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009


All fans of professional sports have their favorite players. We watch and cheer for them every time they take the field, court, or whatever they may be playing on.

There are also many people in the world that are haters on the athletes. I am one of them. This week, I will be stating some of my least favorite players in the NBA. There are many out there, so I will just be saying a few that “grind my gears.”

I will come right out the gates by saying I hate Luis Scola. Whenever I watch the Rockets play, I just get frustrated at how much Houston loves him. On a team with Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and even Ron Artest, the Rockets take the most pride in having Scola on their team.

It really makes me ask the question, why? He isn’t especially good in any element of the game. His shooting is average at best, his defense is questionable, and he doesn’t have great athleticism. So it must be his hustle? Whatever it is, it is terrible to root for him, and I don’t see why he even has fans.

Next I will move on to Eddie House. I have hated this guy ever since he came into the league. First of all, he is under 6’0” tall. Second, he thinks he is one of the best guards in the league even though he doesn’t start, and third, he thinks his fired-up attitude is one of the reasons why Boston has had success.

Over half of the time, when he is fired up, the C’s are blowing the other team out, so there is no real point in spazzing. Throw in the fact that he wears knee high socks, double arm sleeves, and a headband, and this guy is officially frustrating to watch.

Why would the Knicks pay the big money to a player like Jared Jefferies? He was one of the worst acquisitions ever, on a team full of them. He is 6’11’’ but only 180 pounds. How would that ever be effective?

Now I hear rumblings of how he should be the defensive player of the year, I don’t know if I could get much more frustrated. They talk about how he is so versatile that he can defend all positions, but it’s not like he is doing so effectively. The fact that he went to Indiana really doesn’t help his cause, and he is a lost cause in the NBA.

Moving on, I will move out west to where the Los Angeles Lakers have a player by the name of Sasha Vujacic. The guy has been playing in the NBA for four years now and it wasn’t until a year ago that he moved out of his parent’s house.

This guy is one cool kid.

His combination of first and last name is absolutely terrible, and his hair is past his shoulders. I wouldn’t even need to explain why I am a hater on this guy if you could just see a picture of him.

On to my last one for the day; the entire San Antonio Spurs team minus Roger Mason Jr.

This team’s average age is in the mid 30’s, and they definitely play like it too. This team is hands down, the most boring team to watch in the entire NBA, and that is including the Timberwolves. At least when you watch the T' Wolves, the other team will have their own highlight reels so the game will be fun to watch.

Who is cool on this team? Manu Ginobili? No. Tony Parker? No. Tim Duncan? No.

I would say the best part of watching Spurs games would be that Eva Longoria is in the crowd at many of them and they love showing her on camera. Can you blame them? After watching three quarters of basketball that is about as exciting as a junior high girls’ game, who wouldn’t find themselves turning the camera towards her?

That does it for this week’s most hated NBA players.

Disclaimer: Some of the statements above are not 100 percent factual and are slightly exaggerated.