Meet the Brooklynettes : The NBA Brooklyn Nets Dancers 2012

BR5Daily ShowJune 14, 2012

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Hey girls, how many of you dreamed of being a dancer when you were younger? Ballet, hip-hop, other forms of dance… BR5 had the chance to check out some women attempting to make that dream come true. The Brooklyn Nets held the final leg of their tryouts for their dance troupe: “the Brooklynettes” (get it?) at the Brooklyn Bowl.


“Brooklynettes exemplifies a strong feminine name with a creative connection to the borough,” said Petra Pope, the Senior Vice President of Event Marketing and Community Relations for the Brooklyn Nets. “The twenty talented dancers selected tonight are diverse in their interests, global in their backgrounds, and cutting edge in their style, just like Brooklyn. We are looking forward to weaving the innovative an unique expressions of the borough into everything we do.”


One thing is for sure, these girls could dance. The competition started out with 400 dancers auditioning and lead to this final tryout. It was a rocking event and it shows that regardless of upper management decisions, hard work and perseverance are always traits that’ll lead an individual - or team - to victory. BR5 wants to congratulate all the girls that made the cut.


The Brooklynettes will perform at all Brooklyn Nets games at the Barclays Center and represent the Brooklyn Nets at events throughout the New York City Metropolitan area and internationally.


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