The 10 Worst Athlete Karaoke Performances Ever

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2012

The 10 Worst Athlete Karaoke Performances Ever

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    What is it with athletes these days? Is it not enough for them to gain fame and recognition from their sport? Do they really think it's necessary to step out of their comfort zone and (gulp) sing?

    You'd think guys who are used to being in the limelight would know—if you jump on stage, you'll be on the internet within minutes.

    Thankfully, yet regretfully, we give you athletes' worst attempts at karaoke. Don't bother trying to line it up with the real tunes, because there's absolutely no way any of these dudes are hitting those notes. 

Pat Riley: "My Girl"

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    Okay, so we might be cheating a little bit by picking on the brain trust who brought together the Big Three in Miami, but Riley did used to play, so he technically counts as a player. Not only that, but you have to admit this is way to good to pass up.

    Our favorite part? When he gets the crowd into it. Nothing like buying a little help, right?

Shane Battier: "Eye of the Tiger"

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    Are we picking on the two-time defending Eastern Conference champs? Maybe a little bit, but when you hold a fundraiser in which your team is encouraged to sing, you're kind of setting yourself up to make this list.

    Battier does a good job in explaining his song choice, which is always crucial, but his failure comes when deciding to hold the mic out and get the crowd involved. Crickets, then falling flat on his face.

Danilo Gallinari: "Halo"

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    We can only imagine how Gallinari felt when he went from NYC to Denver a couple years ago. We're sure he was stoked to go from a struggling Knicks team to a balanced Nuggets roster, yet a little bummed he was leaving the musical mecca of the world.

    As you can see by this video, he clearly has a second career to fall back on if the whole basketball gig doesn't work out. You better watch out Beyonce.

Dwight Howard and Chris Duhon: "We Jammin'"

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    Wow! We're not sure the city of Orlando will even want to keep Howard around after seeing this performance. It's seriously just him up there saying "We Jammin'" over and over. Reminds us of how he looks on the court when he's just going through the motions—yes, that was a shot at him.

    When you're a monster beyond creation, who just so happens can jump out of the building, wouldn't you think to choose something a little more upbeat? Say, we don't know, like "Hot in Here?"

DeAngelo Williams: "Dead or Alive"

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    We remember when DeAngelo Williams was getting progressively better each season. But then, out of nowhere, POOF, his production stopped. What happened? Well, by the looks of things, he found a new passion.

    Just as chefs should stay in the kitchen, DeAngelo Williams should stick to running the football and leave the mic for someone else.

LeBron James: "Super Freak"

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    Bron Bron is an absolute freak on the court, so we can only guess he wanted to tell us as much when he belted "Super Freak" on stage.

    We give him a solid edge for knowing all the words and staying in tune (though not too hard), but we can't help thinking he's covering up his receding hairline by rocking the long-locked wig. It's time to accept it bro, bald can be beautiful.

Wes Welker, Matt Cassel and Matt Light: "Baby Got Back"

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    If this doesn't set white dudes back 25 years, we don't know what does. You've got Welker doing some sort of dancing—actually cooling off Light who's making a mockery of any sort of dance moves himself—while some troops try and keep up with the words.

    There's just so much going on on stage. It's like a mosh pit at a middle school dance, pure mayhem!

Pau Gasol: "How to Save a Life"

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    We don't get why analysts pick on Pau Gasol for being soft? He's a consensus All-Star, an NBA champ, and one of the best big men in the game. What's he have to do to prove himself? Well, for starters, probably not get on stage and belt out a Fray song.

    Come on dude, you're so much better than that.

Greg Oden: "It's Gonna Be Me"

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    Oden's heart was in the right place, singing at a Portland mentor program, but that doesn't mean that his vocal chords were anywhere close to being right. I mean, geez dude, could you honestly at least try and hit the notes?

    One other thing, was Oden even old enough to remember this song? We guess the rumors are true, the dude really is older than he looks. We'd say he's about 42.

Tony Romo: "Don't Stop Believin'"

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    Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here? It's bad enough that Romo gets conned into going up on stage with a band called "Metal Skool," but with the addition of Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding, well, it just adds to the performance. How do these guys even know each other?

    We can say this for Romo though, it's now clear how he was able to pull in such stunners.