WWE: Daniel Bryan Winning Sunday Will Restore Image of World Heavyweight Title

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent IJune 14, 2012

That is not a typo. You read the headline correctly. Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship on Sunday will help the image of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bryan recently lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus at WrestleMania in their infamous 18-second match. Sheamus would successfully defend the title against Bryan at Extreme Rules, effectively removing Bryan from the title hunt.

In an edition of Monday Night Raw prior to Over the Limit, the former World Heavyweight Champion would participate in the Beat the Clock challenge. Despite coming off of two straight world title match losses, Bryan would win the challenge and become the new No. 1 contender for CM Punk's WWE Championship.

Punk just barely retained his title at Over the Limit. The Triple Threat stipulation of the WWE Championship match at No Way Out seems to favor Bryan most. As cunning, sly and opportunistic as Bryan is, it wouldn't be surprising to see him walk out of No Way Out as WWE Champion.

As the top title of SmackDown, the World Heavyweight Championship doesn't carry quite as much importance as the top title of Raw. In their booking, the WWE has essentially reinforced this idea that the WWE Championship is more important than its SmackDown counterpart.

That said, the World Heavyweight Championship is, more often than not, a dead end. Those who are gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship are generally a notch below those who contend for the WWE Championship. After all, the WWE usually only puts their true top dogs in the WWE title picture.

Daniel Bryan's contention for the WWE Championship is helping to end that stigma. A win on Sunday would earn him the title of best wrestler in the WWE. Because the World Heavyweight Champion owns a few recent victories over Bryan, it would help eradicate the idea of one title being greater than the other.

Furthermore, it would also disprove that the World Heavyweight Championship is a dead end. Yes, top tier competitors like Randy Orton and John Cena have held both world titles. However, it's rare to have a competitor reign as World Heavyweight Champion and move on to contending for the WWE Championship so quickly.

In that respect, Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship at No Way Out would be good for the image of the World Heavyweight Championship. In addition, a continuing feud between him and Punk could bring only good things for the prestige of the WWE Championship.


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