Watch First Ever World Burping Champion Dominate for 18 Seconds

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Along with professional eaters, the Charlotte Bobcats and other people who think they are real athletes, the art of burping has some seriously silly talent.  

Fans of grown men belching to the point of near exertion will be just tickled by this video. 

The man featured is Tim Janus, and he just recorded a world record burp of 18.1 seconds. At one point, he nearly looked like he was going to pass out or throw up. 

That's the point in the video that I put down my BLT sandwich and assessed what I was doing with my life. 

Little did I know that there are tournaments that laud such efforts. I have many talents that don't quite translate to the field of battle. 

However, the field of bodily gases? Sign me up and I will autograph your headshots at the door, because I am something of a big deal. 

The beauty of the video is Janus, who goes along with the interview as if he were Matt Cain relaying a perfect game. 

You know how I know that I am not alone in thinking this is beyond ridiculous? There are about five people in the crowd, and it looks like they are all competing. 

Janus relays that he has been doing this his whole life. The same goes for every other man alive. Only, we haven't found this special place where belches are not only accepted, but they are revered. 

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