Miami Football: What You Need to Know About Hurricanes' DE Anthony Chickillo

David MayerCorrespondent IJune 21, 2012

Miami Football: What You Need to Know About Hurricanes' DE Anthony Chickillo

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    By now, everyone has heard of Anthony Chickillo.  The sophomore defensive linemen was so good last season that he made the freshmen All-American team.

    Chickillo ended the season tied for the team lead in sacks with five.  He also ranked seventh on the team in tackles with 38 while earning nine starts throughout the season, most of any true freshman on the team.

    This year, there is even more expectations, and for those of you living under a rock that don't much about him, read on.

Third Generation Hurricane

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    When Anthony Chickillo decided to play football for the Miami Hurricanes in 2011, he made his family the first to produce three generations of Hurricane players.

    His grandfather Nick, was the first Chickillo to play for Miami and had a great career, earning All-American status as an offensive linemen in 1952.  He was also inducted into the Miami Hurricane Hall of Fame in 1987. 

    Anthony's father, Tony, played for Miami and also had a successful career even making it into the NFL in the mid-80s.

Team Player

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    Since Chickillo came to Miami, there has been nothing but good things said about him.  He is a terrific teammate that only cares about winning.

    There is no "big-head syndrome" that many other highly-touted players have.  He just goes out there and does his job and leaves it all on the field.

    Although he is just a sophomore, Chickillo has captured the hearts of many Hurricane fans and has become a vocal leader so far this season.

    The passion that he has for the game is something you want your kids to watch, because this type of player only comes around about once a decade, if that.

Could Make the All-American Team This Year

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    The Miami Hurricanes haven't produced an All-American football player since 2009 (Brandon Harris)—their longest stretch without one since 1971.

    I honestly believe Chickillo can break that trend this season.  

    He may not be a first-team pick, but with as good as numbers as I believe he can produce, there is no way he could be left off the team. 

Non-Stop Motor with Tremendous Heart

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    Over the last several years, the Miami Hurricanes haven't showed much heart as a team.  In reality, only a handful of players have even showed they had the heart to be a Hurricane.

    You might as well add Anthony Chickillo to that list.

    Chickillo is not a physical beast like other players at the college level, but he most likely has more heart than any single one of them.

    Many players these days take plays off (sometimes even games) but not Chickillo.  His motor is non-stop and will give his 100 percent every game.

    He almost reminds me of a super-talented Rudy.

Has the Ability to Become One of the Greatest Hurricane Defensive Ends Ever

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    When people think of great defensive ends that have come out of Miami, they think of Eddie Edwards, Don Smith, Daniel Stubbs, Kenny Holmes, etc. 

    With the way Chickillo started his career off, you will soon add his name to the list.

    Already a fan favorite in Coral Gables, Chickillo just needs to continue improving (with his dedication to Miami there is no doubt that he will) and the rest will become history.

    Baring injury, I honestly believe Chickillo has a chance to become one of the best Hurricane defensive ends in history.

    He is that good.