Spirit of the FA Cup: Manchester United, Chelsea Eliminated

Andrew McNairSenior Writer IMarch 8, 2008

I'm pretty sure this topic is going to get a lot of play here on Bleacher Report, but I'm writing my 50 cents worth anyway.

Not in the last decade of FA Cup football have I witnessed such a glorious day for football fans the country over.

Oakwell is jumping tonight after eleven hard working souls, battered and bruised, out-fought and, in one particular case, out-jumped the mighty Chelsea!

Barnsley were magnificent.  As a football fan, I'm immensely proud of every player who did a job for them tonight.

As for Chelsea, well, the less said the better.  They never even looked like equalizing!  Barnsley 1-0 Chelsea!

So Barnsley are heading for Wembley where they will surely face Manchester United.

Oh wait, no, they're out too!  Erm...so who is left for Barnsley to play?  Not Liverpool.  They're still recovering from Barnsley's first miracle cup shock.

Well, after Portsmouth's performance at Old Trafford today, I'm pretty sure Barnsley would fancy them—especially over Championship high-flyers West Brom.

The West Brom squad travels to League 1 Bristol Rovers tomorrow, so another huge upset is not out of the question.

Portsmouth are arguably the biggest team left in the competition!  This match up should suit Barnsley just fine.

Whoever they face, Barnsley won't have to worry about coming up with sufficient motivation as they walk out in front of 90,000 fans at the new Wembley.

And has a team ever deserved it more?