WWE No Way out 2012 Predictions: Brodus Clay Headed Towards Another Squash Win

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2012

Photo via allwrestlingsuperstars.com
Photo via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Brodus Clay is the king of squash matches.

Since breaking into the WWE scene back in January, the Funkasaurus has amassed an undefeated record highlighted by one squash match after another.

Finally he faced some adversity when the heel-turned Big Show called him out for dancing instead of coming to his aid as John Laurinaitis publicly humiliated him. Big Johnny had to ban Clay from RAW to avoid Big Show, after he brutally attacked Funkasaurus before their scheduled match even began.

Now he finds himself in a YouTube pre-show match against David Otunga that will be streaming live at 7:30 p.m. ET before No Way Out begins on PPV this Sunday.

This is WWE’s last chance to convince you to buy the PPV, and that means Clay is going to put on a show.

Otunga has gotten virtually no hype as a wrestler of late and has been relegated to being Mr. People Power’s right hand man who does his dirty work. The lawyer has turned into a human punching bag when he steps into the ring.

A prolonged feud between these two guys is not going to enhance Clay’s career, which means the only solution is a squash match, aka the Funkasaurus’ specialty. Almost all of his matches have ended this way in the past six months, and the formula will hold true yet again on Sunday night.

His drawn-out intro with music and dancers may take longer than the match itself.

I thought there was an interesting part on Monday Night RAW this past week when Clay’s ladies, "The Funkadactyls," were begging Vince McMahon to allow their man back on RAW.

While he didn’t confirm anything, it was rather hilarious to watch the big boss start dancing around singing “somebody call my momma” like he was a fan.

To me this suggests his future is still bright within the company, and piecing together this last second squash match against a guy like Otunga is a way for the creative team to keep him relevant in a PPV setting.

It may not last very long, but expect a big win for Clay and an enhanced role as we move forward into the summer, with plenty of SummerSlam storylines certain to emerge.

When McMahon is on your side, you know your job is safe.