TNA News: Updates on the Creative Direction of TNA, A.J./Dixie Angle

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TNA News: Updates on the Creative Direction of TNA, A.J./Dixie Angle
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It has been pleasing to observe how the overall quality of iMPACT, TNA Wrestling's flagship show has hugely improved over the past few months.

There is more continuity, consistency, much less of the awful car-crash style booking that blighted the product for years, as well as more of an effort from the booking crew to build long-term storylines that fans can become invested in.

Indeed, in my opinion, iMPACT has so far been blowing the troubled and erratic Monday Night Raw programme out of the water. It is simply a better, more all-round entertaining show.

(Not so coincidentally this noticeable upsurge in quality happened roughly around the same time that heavily-criticised head booker Vince Russo exited the company.)

In this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer NewsletterDave Meltzer gives an insight into TNA's current mind-set, confirming the company is keen to do more elongated storylines with long-term pay-offs. He also provides an update on what the future holds for the riveting A.J Styles/Dixie Carter affair storyline that is currently all over TNA TV:

The longer arching storylines is a philosophical change. Apparently, the Dixie Carter angle has a long way to go with a lot more twists coming.

Granted, this bold, new direction hasn't translated over to viewership so far, but, by churning out a product fans can finally get fully behind and support, TNA will surely reap the rewards at some point down the road.  

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