Michael Jordan Video: ESPN Spoofs Own Classic Ad with Skip Bayless Hilarity

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 14, 2012

This commercial is pretty close to perfect, but still needs a little tweaking to really capture the totality of what we think of Skip Bayless. 

Many of you will have seen the classic ESPN commercial in which a man named Michael Jordan went about town and was greeted with disappointment as everyone found out he wasn't that Michael Jordan.

You can see it here

This video is all about a man named Skip Bayless—something that would demand a legal name change. 

The oft-opinionated columnist's show First Take really should be called How Much Can You Take?

The premise of the show revolves around Skip Bayless being absurd and guests screaming about his foolishness. This show now has a permanent shouter in Stephen A. Smith. 

As for the commercial, I love the initial reaction from the medical office staff who immediately duck out only to be relieved it's not that Bayless. 

I needed a great deal more of that. 

Forget showing Jemele Hill, Matthew Berry and Rob Parker. The funny was all in how people react to Skip Bayless, which is usually with extreme nausea and the need to take a few sick days. 

I needed some screaming, running and possible clawing out of the ear drums. These are all viable reactions to running into the man who left LeBron James out of his top five NBA players last October.

Having said that, Stephen A. Smith did the same exact thing. SMH.  

This commercial was so close to beating out the original—it just needed more blood-curdling screams from people who thought they were in the presence of the Skip Bayless. 

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