Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James, Whom Would You Pick?: BR5

BR5Daily ShowJune 14, 2012

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With the NBA Finals in full swing and a new team set to be crowned champs soon, the question of “who is the best?” lingers. Everyone has his or her own opinion, but when you bring that debate to the team at Bleacher Report, you know a fierce argument is about to ensue.

While the Thunder and Heat battle it out to see who’s best, another debate rages on in the Bleacher Report offices: Who is the NBA’s best player? The Thunder’s Kevin Durant, or the Heat’s LeBron James? That simple question set off a discussion that we’re sure we’ll never quite hear the end of.

The B/R video staff weighed in on whom they thought was the best. Ryan O’Leary picks scoring champion Kevin Durant, as he’s the most clutch in the fourth quarter, and he manages to do it with less of a supporting cast.

Lance Fresh believes that it’s all about LeBron James. King James was able to take the Cavs to the championship when he was in Cleveland. That’s right, Cleveland. Enough said.

Rollin Herold cites LeBron’s lack of shooting and his penchant for dividing the community as his main reason for also going with the Thunder’s Kevin Durant. Fellow B/R contributor George Wasgatt counters that there’s a reason LeBron James is called the King. If there were a draft tomorrow, LeBron would still be No. 1.

Jamela Gibson also goes with LeBron, reasoning that his hunger for that elusive championship gives him the edge. But, Marc Kohn takes the debate to a new level when he picks a “23-year-old Kobe Bryant” over both LeBron and Kevin Durant. Kind of breaking the rules, but just opening up a whole new debate.

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