WWE Raw: Should Little Jimmy Replace R-Truth as Kofi Kingston's Tag Partner?

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJune 14, 2012

Photo: n-w-u.pun.pl
Photo: n-w-u.pun.pl

As I mentioned in a previous article, reports claim that R-Truth either severely sprained or broke his foot during WWE's recent tour in Spain. It has also been reported that, during the tour, Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay teamed up with Kofi Kingston to fill in for R-Truth.

Ultimately, R-Truth's injury has left Kofi Kingston without a permanent tag team partner. So, who should tag up with Kofi Kingston while Truth is out of action with injury?

Brodus Clay?

Zack Ryder?

Santino Marella?

Those would all probably be good choices, but an even better choice would be R-Truth's imaginary friend, Little Jimmy.

That's right. Little Jimmy.

Here's an idea: At No Way Out, John Laurinaitis forces Kofi Kingston to defend the tag titles in a 2-on-1 handicap match against Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins.

Before the match, R-Truth tells Kofi not to worry, because Little Jimmy will be there with him. Kofi tells Truth to get real.

The match starts.

Kofi has trouble in the match, and out of instinct, he heads to his corner and reaches for a tag. No one is there, but suddenly, Kofi feels a tag.

Kofi has a confused look on his face.

Reks goes to Kofi's corner and just as he tries to grab Kofi, Reks feels a low blow and is brought to his knees.

The crowd, Kofi, Hawkins, Michael Cole, Booker T and Jerry "The King" Lawler are all confused. 

Booker T: "What da hell?!"
King: "What just happened?"
Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, is this what I think it is?"

Yes, Cole. It is what you think it is: Little Jimmy is real.

Hawkins tries grabbing Kofi, but he too feels a low blow from Little Jimmy and is brought to his knees. As Reks gets up, Kofi hits him with "Trouble in Paradise" and pins him.

After the match, everyone but R-Truth is stunned at what happened. Everyone wonders: "Is Little Jimmy real?"

In backstage interviews, Kofi, Reks and Hawkins all claim that Little Jimmy is real. The camera cuts to a smiling R-Truth—who is supposedly chillin' with Little Jimmy.

During the following months, Kofi and Little Jimmy remain tag champions and put on hilarious matches where opponents sell imaginary moves. After R-Truth returns from injury, Little Jimmy hangs up his boots and manages R-Truth and Kofi.

Would this work? Or is it too ridiculous?

Before you answer that, watch this video of a match featuring an invisible wrestler



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