Emmitt Smith Able To Hide Gray, but Not Able To Hide Mediocrity

Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 10, 2009

I am writing about this topic because a point has to be made, and the truth has to be uncovered. We spend all this time proclaiming his greatness and give him the title of the best running back of the modern age. We proclaim him for the records he holds and the championships he has won.

What we don’t do is give the proper praise to the real source behind all of these accomplishments. Like any great athlete, there are certain things you can’t take away.  Now that is not the point of this article, my point is to simply state the facts that are often left out of this discussion.

We are all products of a system, and some systems are better designed for certain products. The very fortunate will find themselves in perfect system, and no matter what the quality of the product is success will follow.

In this case, we are talking about a perfect system, formulated to give all these aforementioned achievements to the average product that is Emmitt Smith.
To make this very clear, no one has been as fortunate to fall into such a convenient scenario like Emmitt Smith. First take a look at his physical tools and tell me one thing that was above average. I might be willing to give away balance, but for a running back that is not saying too much. 

I might be willing to say vision, but then I think about the fact that during his tenure in Dallas there was not one time where he did not have at least three Pro Bowl quality offensive linemen blocking for him. [Read more...]