The 6 Biggest Disses of the NFL Offseason

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IJune 14, 2012

The 6 Biggest Disses of the NFL Offseason

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    The NFL certainly wouldn't be described as a friendly game. 

    From bone-crunching hits to player trades to coaching fires, only the strong-willed and thick-skinned survive in professional football. 

    Disses come at every turn. 

    We've witnessed our fair share of disses this offseason, none bigger than the decision by the New Orleans Saints to not offer their elite franchise quarterback a long-term deal. 

    Let's look at the most glaring disses that have occurred over the last four months.  

The Saints Disgracing the Integrity of Football

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    Apparently every team has implemented some type of bounty program over the years, but because the Saints were caught and allegedly lied to the league when it investigated in 2010, they deserve the punishment they've received. 

    We've always enjoyed the violence the NFL brings to us, but purposely attempting to injure opposing players for money is an outright diss to the integrity of the game of football. 

    The Saints bounty program, and the audio of Gregg Williams' despicable speech before this year's playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers shook the NFL and its fans, and made us think twice about players' intentions when on the field. 

Drew Brees Not Getting a Long-Term Deal from the Saints

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    After his assault on the record books in 2011, the logical next step would be that the New Orleans Saints would honor quarterback Drew Brees' desire for a multi-year contract. 

    Instead, they hit him with the unfavorable franchise tag that guarantees him only a one-year deal. 

    Sure, the tag means he'll make $14.4 million in 2012, but after winning the Super Bowl, setting the single-season passing yards record and making the Saints one of the most relevant and mesmerizing offenses in the NFL, he's after more financial security. 

    He was the franchise player in San Diego, but after he suffered a devastating shoulder injury, he was without a job and without a paycheck. 

    No one has been dissed more than Brees this offseason. 

Maurice Jones-Drew Not Getting a Long-Term Deal from the Jaguars

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    Maurice Jones-Drew has been a consummate professional, hard-worker, pass-protector, leading rusher and check-down receiving option for the Jacksonville Jaguars since 2006. 

    He's shouldered the feature back load since Fred Taylor departed after the 2008 season and has overcome his small stature to emerge as one of the league's most prolific and complete runners. 

    In 2011, his 1,606 rushing yards led the NFL. 

    With literally no other established or accomplished offensive weapons on their roster, one would think the Jaguars would pay MJD the money he truly deserves. 

    They have yet to do so. 

Matt Flynn's Diss to the Miami Dolphins

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    When Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin took the head coaching job with the Miami Dolphins, free-agent quarterback Matt Flynn heading to South Beach was a foregone conclusion. 

    Or was it? 

    When Flynn officially became a free agent in mid-March, after meeting with the Miami Dolphins, he signed with the Seattle Seahawks, an overt diss to his former coach. 

    Due to his stunning decision to join the team that couldn't be any further away from the Dolphins, Miami drafted Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2012 draft. 

Tim Tebow's Diss to the Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Denver Broncos essentially dissed Tim Tebow by deciding to part ways with him after he "led" his team to the playoffs after a 1-4 start, though when Peyton Manning's a possibility, you're allowed to release Tebow. 

    There wasn't a tremendous market for Tebow, but his hometown Jaguars were one of two teams in the mix. 

    The New York Jets were the other, but with an unstable quarterback position in Jacksonville and the temptation to return to "God" status in Florida, it was seemingly a lock that Tebow would come home. 

    In the end, he went join Gang Green, spurning his hometown team and fans. 

NFL Draft Disses

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    Colt McCoy was the starter in Cleveland last season, and although he was far from spectacular, the offensive weapons around him weren't dazzling, either. 

    Now, he may be without a job. 

    The Browns picked Trent Richardson with the No. 3 overall pick and instead of grabbing a receiver to add more potency to Cleveland's attack, they drafted quarterback Brandon Weeden No. 22 overall, a guy they presumably believe can be the starter in 2012. 

    The same can be said for the situation in Tampa Bay. After leading rookies with a shade over 1,000 rushing yards in 2010 and a respectable 2011 campaign, running back LeGarrette Blount may see a huge drop in his touches this season. 

    The Buccaneers grabbed versatile Boise State runner Doug Martin in the first round this year, a guy who potentially could be the next Ray Rice for new head coach Greg Schiano, who coached Rice at Rutgers.