Can the 2009 Chicago Cubs Pitching Improve from Last Year?

phil gialluisiContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

As we watched the 2008 Chicago cubs win 97 games ,with most of those games won by a consistent starting pitching staff. Jim Hendry has an inventory of veteran pitching and young talent to watch in spring training.

I'm still not sure about the fifth starting spot as I really think Jim will go out and find a true fifth/sixth starter using Sean Marshall as the pivot man for Harden when or if he has shoulder issues. Lou Pinella is in a great position in spring training to allow many of there pitching to compete for a possible sixth starter and or a relief role.

Carlos Zambrano will be the starter to keep an eye on with his ups and downs he lived through last season. The Cubs, having the pitching depth, will be able to adjust to any concerns with any of the starters if injuries arise or poor preformance.

Truly when you look at the rest of the central division the remaining competition being St Louis and Milwaukee haven't done much at all to improve their starting staff and in my opinion it has worsened with their major starters leaving the club, primarily the Cardinals.

I would hope Angel Guzman of the Chicago Cubs would show his brilliance as he once did a few years back and have the chance to earn a middle relief role in the starting roster or even have a chance to earn the sixth spot.

The Chicago Cubs again are really in a good spot as they have allot of talent. I still question the move with Marquis as he was a decent fifth starter whom would always give you five good innings. I just hope they don't use Aaron Heilman whom was just acquired from Seattle to replace Jason. This wouldn't be a improvement at all over Marquis and would question the cubs objective for this spot.

Finally, it wouldn't suprise me to see Jim Hendry move some pitching for other top baseball talent of some sort to fill in areas of need. Overall the Chicago Cubs should compete very very well.