AFC South Blind Side: What Tennessee Titans Fans Don't See About Their Team

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistJune 14, 2012

We agree to disagree.
We agree to disagree.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Today, I wrap part four of the wildly unpopular "Blind Side" series with a look at the fans of the Tennessee Titans.

I've been dreading writing about Titans fans for two reasons. First, I've found them to be among the more level-headed of the four teams in the South. I suspect this comes from the Titans' long affiliation with winning between seven to nine games every year.

Titans fans have had their share of painful moments, but in general, the team has been pretty solid for most of its tenure in Nashville. I wonder if fans haven't come to adopt a similar attitude toward their team.

Obviously, no fan base is homogeneous. It goes without saying that there are nut jobs as well as intellectuals in any large group of people. The Titans have their irrational homers and band-wagon jumpers just like all teams do.

Then again, maybe my impression of Titan nation is overly shaped by the kinds of fans I've interacted with here and on Twitter.

The second reason I haven't looked forward to writing about the Titans is that my friend Tom Gower already stole my thunder on this topic with this outstanding post.

Gower covered it so well, I hate to tread the same ground. The fact is though, the Titans still have a ways to go to catch Houston. Yes, I do believe the Texans will regress some in 2012, but as Gower points out, the real gap between the teams was quite large to begin with.

As much as the Texans failed to improve this offseason, I'm not crazy about the moves the Titans made either.

The struggle I face with saddling the Titans fans with the 'Blind Side' label is that I haven't detected the wild irrationality from them that I have from fans of other teams. It's a generally hopeful group, but not one impossibly convinced of the greatness of the Titans. I can't blame them for that, because I'm fairly bullish on the Titans too.

So congratulations Titans! You have the most level-headed fans in the division right now.

That will last until the next time I bring up Chris Johnson.