WWE Report: Vince McMahon Went off Script on Raw

Imaan JalaliFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

If you watched this past Monday's Raw—particularly the opening segment—you probably noticed some interesting revelations and cringeworthy flubs.

For instance, McMahon brought to attention the true story of John Laurinaitis actually signing the wrong one-legged wrestler in 2003. Of course, he eventually corrected his error and signed the right one—Zack Gowen.

Moreover, Laurinaitis, who is known for bungling his lines, made several mistakes. His most notable one was accidentally making reference to the upcoming "100th" anniversary of Raw before correcting himself and noting it was the 1,000th.

That being said, besides the usual allotment of human error on any Raw broadcast, nothing out of the ordinary occurred until the very end of the first segment.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via 411Mania.com), the segment was supposed to come to its natural conclusion when McMahon warned Laurinaitis with his ominous two words—"You're Fired!"

But in true McMahon fashion, the head honcho of the WWE decided to not only drive Laurinaitis' scooter to the top of the ramp, but to run it over the precipice to the stage floor.

The unplanned end to the segment was likely just McMahon being in the heat of the moment, at the mercy of his impulses to entertain the audience.

Still, the WWE Universe had no way of knowing McMahon's stage romp was not part of the show.

For those who were extra observant, however, Sheamus' candid reaction and the producer's brief scrambling to stay on the air a few extra seconds (prior to going to commercial) indicated otherwise.