Why the Chicago Bulls Must Make an Offseason Move

Ernest Shepard@@ernestshepardAnalyst IIIJune 13, 2012

Given the average recovery time for athletes who have torn their ACL, Derrick Rose may not play until February.
Given the average recovery time for athletes who have torn their ACL, Derrick Rose may not play until February.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

During the 2012-13 NBA season, Chicago Bulls starting point guard Derrick Rose’s salary will be $15.5 million. With the torn ACL injury he suffered and understanding the average recovery time, I do not believe that he will play a game before February.

In addition to that, Carlos Boozer is set to make $15 million, while Luol Deng and Joakim Noah will snag $13.3 and $12.1 million, respectively. Once you add the total salaries for each player you come up with $55.9 million and the chief reason the Bulls must make an offseason trade.

With the NBA salary cap set to be slightly above $58 million, the Bulls will have over 96 percent of the salary cap invested in four players.

Welcome to “Salary Cap Hell,” ladies and gentlemen!

With a roster that has to be filled, the Bulls face a serious dilemma: how to add players while improving the team.

The most likely scenario involves the Bulls trading one of their top players, probably Deng or Noah, for lower-salaried players and/or draft picks. Using Deng or Noah as trade bait could net the Bulls a fairly good return.

Teams who will be looking to compete for playoff spots would be interested in bringing in Luol Deng or Joakim Noah. They are All-Star caliber players. The fact that Deng made the All-Star team last year makes him attractive to a team like the Kings that can offer guard Tyreke Evans in return.

A team—like the Rockets—that is always looking for a center could be interested in Joakim Noah. Would they be willing to part with Kyle Lowry?  

Another scenario would be the Bulls trading cash considerations for a couple of second-round draft picks. This would be a good way to fill up the roster with young players who are looking to prove themselves. There is usually a ton of wheeling and dealing in the second round of the draft, and while the Bulls may not find a star, they can find a couple of good role players.

Simply put, the Bulls must do something drastic or cerebral just to field the required 13 bodies on their roster. I believe a trade is the best way to go.


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