The 10 Biggest MLB Stars To Use Steroids (Allegedly)

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The 10 Biggest MLB Stars To Use Steroids (Allegedly)

Now that it has come out that Alex Rodriguez took steroids from 2001-'03, people want to know, who were the others that have not been named yet that helped to pollute America’s pastime eternally.

Besides A-Rod, 103 other players tested positive for taking banned substances during a "survey" conducted by the MLB. The test results were supposed to never be released, a clause that was likely instrumental in many players’ decisions to take the test.

However, A-Rod's test has leaked, and eventually others will be also.

These results will forever officially taint the league, and how players will be voted for by writers for chances at Hall of Fame bids.

These players, if any of their results are leaked, will have an extremely difficult time reaching the doors of Cooperstown, New York. Not once since Mark McGuire declared, “I’m not here to talk about the past”, have writers voted more than 25% in favor of him being a Hall-of-Famer.

Rafael Palmiero vehemently denied ever using steroids. So did Barry Bonds, and now he has a court date on Federal perjury charges. Roger Clemens allegedly lied to Congress and may have his day in court as well.

What those men had in common though, is that they declined and denied, where A-Rod came out and admitted to the use. Rodriguez said he was “under an enormous amount of pressure” in an interview with ESPN’s Peter Gammons.

A-Fraud said he took the performance-enhancing substances starting in 2001, the year after he signed his record-setting 10 year $252 million contract.

Writers have said they would be more likely to vote for players that admit to taking substances versus ones that deny and very likely did so. So, in this case A-Rod may be the test guinea pig for all steroids users in the MLB.

If he gets in, do all others? If he does not get in, does that mean no steroids users get in? All will be seen in due time. The Major League Baseball players in this list are ones that have yet to be identified, but did take steroids at some point in their careers.

Let me clear up here that these are players I believe took steroids, though no evidence has come out to be true for any, yet.

Because this is a modern-day Salem-style witch hunt, and I have no real evidence any of these athletes were cheaters, there is a humorous undertone to this slide show.

We, as fans of the game, deserve to know who else took banned substances and dishonored the game of baseball. The 'roid hunt is on!

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