Move Aside and Let a Real Manager Do the Job at Chelsea

Victor FrankContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

I cant help but to feel sorry for chelsea and their supporters! As a Manchester united supporter myself, nothing could bring me more joy than to watch as Chelsea falls apart once again...but...

Having said that, I cant help but to sympathize with the decision that chelsea has made. Luiz Felipe Scholari was there for no other reason than the money. He dropped Portugal at a critical moment last year in the Euro finals when he already knew that he's future was secure at chelsea. You could see that he wasn't all there for the team, and the defeat that they suffered against Germany wasn't at all upsetting for him as a manager!

He has however been a very good manager at international level...both with Portugal in the initial phase and Brasil obviously. But club football is very different, as Jose Mourinho emphasized many a times...the preparation that goes into club football is hectic to say the least, and I don't think that scholari was up for the challenges of week in week out matches.

He was however, in my opinion, up for the large paychecks!

Chelsea doesn't need a special one! Jose Mourinho would not return to chelsea anyway! He seems to be a man of his word, and that book is closed...

Superstar coaches will only come to chelsea to fill their pockets, and not to fulfill any promises. The team needs a manager and not an idol. After all Avram Grant did a spectacular job, with little experience.