Little League Video: Watch Crazy President Scream at Parent

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 13, 2012

Adults remain the best way to screw up a perfectly great Little League game. 

Here is a video posted over at Guyism that shows a president who has had just about enough of a parent's shenanigans. 

He is so frustrated that he completely crosses the line and nearly invokes full-on violence. I am glad we are teaching the youth of the nation how to measure altercations with a modicum of common sense. 

The only information that I can ascertain is what is posted on the YouTube account at the moment. 

The man with anger issues is John Rudolph, the president of Kirkland American Little League, and he really wants one of the parents to leave. 

Let me state straight out that I have no idea what the parent did to warrant a request to leave the premises. 

Even if it was awful, there is no reason the president of the league, a man asked to bring order to a youth organization, should scream at a grown man. 

There are a myriad of other options that would have put the onus on the parent sitting to leave. Suspending the game would have been the most sensible. 

Rudolph goes into a wild rage for one brief moment before another man steps in and tries to separate Rudolph and a very angry woman. 

It's at that moment that Rudolph must have realized what he looked like, because he tries to infuse some calm into his demeanor. Damage done, though, as there is already an online petition to have him ousted. 

Ah, the grace and grandeur of Little League baseball. 

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