5 College Football Stars Who Will Provide Epic Highlights in 2012

John RichardsonCorrespondent IJune 14, 2012

5 College Football Stars Who Will Provide Epic Highlights in 2012

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    A new crop of superstars are set to light up NCAA football.

    Last season, we saw the likes of Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck make big names for themselves with some impressive performances.

    Get ready for more thrills and spills.

    Here are the men who will make headlines and further increase their NFL draft prospects this year.

De'Anthony Thomas

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    His blazing speed is something to fear.

    DeAnthony Thomas came into his freshman year at Oregon with high expectations, and has already showed glimpses of what he can do.

    In the Ducks' Rose Bowl outing against Wisconsin, Thomas rushed for 155 yards and scored two touchdowns on the way to a 45-38 victory.

    The Black Mamba, a nickname coined by Snoop Dogg, suits him well.

    Expect to see big things from this guy in 2012 and 2013.

Matt Barkley

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    The Trojan quarterback is a player that has been steadily improving throughout his time at USC.

    He threw for 15 touchdowns in his first year, 26 his second, and 39 last year.

    Amongst heavy speculation, Barkley opted not to go into the 2012 NFL Draft in favor of finishing out his fourth year of eligibility.

    If the increasing trend says anything about what to expect this year, we should see Barkley put up some record numbers.

Tyrann Mathieu

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    The Honey Badger came oh-so-close to a BCS championship last year with LSU.

    The sophomore cornerback lead his team with 70 tackles, and was also more than impressive with his kick returns.

    So impressive, he was nominated for the Heisman at the age of 19!

    Coming into his junior year, and likely his last in NCAA football, Mathieu will hope to do more of the same and go one step further by becoming a national champion.

Denard Robinson

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    Michigan's speedy quarterback is coming into his senior season off the back of some big numbers.

    He rushed for 1,176 yards and 16 touchdowns, a stat that would make any running back proud.

    According to ESPN however, if Robinson plans on going to the NFL in 2013 he will likely make the switch to wide receiver.

    Look for Denard to be the catalyst for a successful Wolverines season.

Montee Ball

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    Montee Ball has been doing it since day one.

    In his Freshman season with the Badgers, Ball played in nine of 13 games finishing with 391 rushing yards and four touchdowns.

    In 2011, he nearly racked up 2,000 yards while breaking the plane 39 times.

    With his senior year on the horizon, Montee is bulking up to put him in contention for the Heisman trophy and a high spot in the 2013 draft.