WWE No Way out 2012: What to Expect from Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler on Sunday

William RenkenCorrespondent IIIJune 14, 2012

Photo via WWE.com
Photo via WWE.com

It is blessing in disguise that Alberto Del Rio has found himself out of the World Heavyweight Title match this Sunday at No Way Out.

You hate to say it, but the concussion Del Rio suffered during SmackDown last week is exactly what Dolph Ziggler needed to finally make an upward movement on the roster since his feud with CM Punk earlier this year.

It has been sad to see someone with the talent level of Ziggler stuck in a stagnant tag team with an uncharismatic partner in Jack Swagger and a manager in Vickie Guerrero he does not need to get over any longer.

But with every high-impact drop kick and super bump Ziggler has taken, the crowds have put their support behind the "Showoff" despite his heel character.

So when you take into account Del Rio's injury, Ziggler's rapport with the fans and even the loss of Randy Orton due to his suspension, the perfect string of events have come along to propel Ziggler to the next level.

The Fatal Four-Way match this past Monday clearly showed that the fan favorite in the match was Ziggler. His victory and subsequent positioning in the No. 1 contender slot was exactly the direction creative should have taken.

So what does it all mean for Sunday at No Way Out? Is it legitimate to think Ziggler can unseat Sheamus as the World Heavyweight Champion?

Not likely because everything came together in the span of one week. No doubt, the quality of the match will be above par. Sheamus showed his ability to work a five-star match with his work with Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules.

It's hard to believe that Ziggler would take the World Title on Sunday since Sheamus has been on such a roll since WrestleMania. WWE creative has put so much into getting him way over as one of its champions. That doesn't mean that if Sheamus wins, Ziggler is out of the title picture completely.

Based on Ziggler's frustration with his tag team over the past few weeks, and with his pinning of Jack Swagger during the Fatal Four-Way, it seems Swagger will run some kind of interference against Ziggler and cost him the match at No Way Out.

This can set up a blow-off match between Ziggler and Swagger in July and get Ziggler back on track for the World Title at SummerSlam.

Regardless, to borrow Shawn Michaels' phrase from 2010, "only good things" can come from Ziggler's push into the title scene as a singles wrestler.

It might not bring him the title Sunday, but it might be the answer to the WWE's need to build its next top stars.