Big Ten Football Morning Coffee: LaVar Arrington Remembers 'Victim 4'

Adam Jacobi@Adam_JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterJune 13, 2012

30 Oct 1999: LaVar Arrington #11 of the Penn State Nittany Lions gets ready at the line of scrimmage during the game against the Illinois Fighting Illini at the Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois. The Nittany Lions defeated the Fighting Illini 27-7. Mandatory Credit: Mark Lyons  /Allsport
Mark Lyons/Getty Images

Rise and shine, friends. Here's what's going down in the Big Ten today.

— One of the names brought up in the Jerry Sandusky trial is former Penn State and Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington; the witness known as "Victim 4" had mentioned Arrington as someone he had met and gotten to know while being close to the Penn State program.

Well, Arrington heard about this, and he remembers the young man. Arrington is also a writer for the Washington Post. So he wrote an incredibly gut-wrenching post about what he remembers and what he regrets. It's not easy reading (not graphic at all, just emotionally evocative), but it's worth your time all the same.

— We need some whimsy around here after that. Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer are both speaking at a high-profile recruiting camp this week, per Tim Sullivan of the Detroit Free Press. The camp is called "Sound Body, Sound Mind," so naturally, the food of choice there is RIBS. Pictures? Yessir, pictures.

Photo via Also, some quick advice: if someone who looks like that ever offers you ribs, ask no questions and say YES RIGHT AWAY.
Photo via Also, some quick advice: if someone who looks like that ever offers you ribs, ask no questions and say YES RIGHT AWAY.

That's via the Twitter feed of's Mike Rothstein. Who else wants to see Hoke and Meyer have a rib-eating contest? Sure, you look at the two and say, "Hoke in a walk," but you underestimate the smaller dudes at eating contests at your own peril. 

— On the heels of Tuesday's news about Gerald Ford's No. 48 jersey coming back into circulation with the Michigan program, per Nick Baumgardner of, Michigan announced that it would also be bringing back Ron Kramer's No. 87 and Bennie Oosterbaan's No. 47 as part of the Michigan Football Legends program. Again: As an active, visible tribute to these former players, this is a far better move than just taking their numbers out of circulation forever.

— The Lincoln Journal Star's Brian Christopherson provided a cool peek inside Nebraska's "Football 202" program, which is a one-day seminar hosted by coaches (including Bo Pelini himself) about the intricacies of film study, game preparation and opponent evaluation. One of the details revealed was that one unnamed opponent's Tendency Report (which is what it sounds like) showed a run 88 percent of the time on first down. Sure, you read that and think, "Oh, Wisconsin," but five bucks says it's Ohio State.