NBA Finals 2012: Could This Be the End of Miami Heat's Big 3 If They Lose?

Courtney BuchananContributor IIIJune 13, 2012

MIAMI, FL - JUNE 05:  (L-R) Dwyane Wade #3 and LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat stand on court against the Boston Celtics in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs on June 5, 2012 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

This is a question that many Miami fans find themselves asking if not public, privately.  Everyone from Erik Spoelstra to Pat Riley has to be wondering what's next if Miami is left without a championship banner again after June.

Can Miami realistically get any better with their three superstars commanding so much of the salary cap?  Let's face it.  Miami is a pretty decent basketball team at most, but nothing jumps out at you to justify these three players getting the bulk of the money they are getting.

It's not like these guys are running through the league like so many envisioned they would do.  These guys were badly outplayed just last June by an aging Dallas Mavericks team, and this year from what we saw in Game 1, it doesn't look to be any different.

The same team needed seven games to dispatch a Boston Celtic team who were injured and just plain old.  Honestly, if the same Boston team had played OKC, they would have done good to win one game.

Miami has deep-rooted issues that start with their coach.  Erik Spoelstra does not command the kind of respect that superstar players need to have for their leader.  This became clear in the Indiana series when Wade publicly yelled at Spoelstra and had to be restrained from maybe physically assaulting the young coach.

The list of problems run on and on, beginning with consistent scoring.  The Miami Heat have no other player that can consistently score besides LeBron James.  Yes, Dwayne Wade can score but not at the consistent pace as he use to. 

Like it or not Dwayne Wade has lost a step, and it is quite evident in these games that he is a step slower and tired.  This Miami Heat team has turned into LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers standing around hoping LeBron saves them.

Chris Bosh has turned into a spot-up jump shooter who provides absolutely nothing else.  Lets face it.  This team isn't getting any younger.  With teams like the Thunder, Clippers, Bulls and Pacers, one would think that Miami would have to make some changes to get younger and stronger in the post.

Which brings me to my next flaw for this team: the post position.  Miami doesn't have a tough physical low-post presence.  They are vastly undersized at this position.  If this same Miami Heat team played in the Western Conference, they would be lucky to get out of the second round.

With that being said, what would you do to make this team better?  Wade isn't getting any younger and has proven that he and LeBron cannot complement each other as thought.

Bosh has been terribly inconsistent and has also proven that he to cannot do what he once did.

Should you be loyal to Dwayne Wade?  After all, he was the main piece for Bosh and James coming to Miami.  Or should you trade Wade while you still can get some valuable pieces for him?

This is and will be the question that runs through the Heat organization once they are again defeated on the game's biggest stage—this time by a sweep. Yes, I predict the Thunder will win 4-0 and the Big 3 in Miami will be over as well.