A-Rod: He Spilled the Beans but Did He Empty the Can?

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A-Rod: He Spilled the Beans but Did He Empty the Can?

Well uh, I guess that wasn't the best way to put it but it gives you and idea on about what I'm going to discuss. Anyways here we go.

Well you have all heard the news, the future hall of famer Alex Rodriguez has tested positive for usage of performance enhancing drugs during the years of 2001 to 2003 in his years with the Texas Rangers. Now we all know he had a pretty sincere apology/response to his interview with Peter Gammons were he came clean, but my question is "Did he really tell the whole truth?"

Actually, I do believe what A-Rod said because it is all very believable, but was that it. You can bet that Joe Torre, former teammates, and especially Jose Canseco but there are still a lot of questions to be asked.

Though I do find the fact that only his usage of steroids was exposed in Sports Illustrated as other top stars could have taken steroids. These are just my thoughts but I do believe that he told the truth but sometime in the near future whether it is tomorrow, six months, or even 20 years I do believe that this is not the end of this, but only time will tell where A-Rod goes on from here. On a last note, I am not claiming that he's a liar or a criminal, he could have told the complete truth but I just can't buy it from a guy like Alex Rodriguez.

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