WWE: Dolph Ziggler's Climb to the Main Event Continues with No Way out

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 12, 2012

Its been far too long, but Dolph Ziggler is back in the main event for this Sunday's pay-per-view No Way Out.

With Randy Orton taken out of the picture due to violating the wellness policy and Alberto Del Rio removed from the scene by a concussion brought on by The Great Khali, these two situations completely change the face of the contender-ship for the World heavyweight champion.

The WWE had to go to a guy they felt could step up in a pinch—Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler has been stuck lately in a tag team that was going nowhere and with managers who seem to be dropping the ball when it comes to getting their men shots at the gold.

Ziggler's tag team with Jack Swagger could be looked at as a step back in the career of a man who was having a very good singles career.

Intercontinental champion, US champion and World Heavyweight Champion. Ziggler has held them all and seemed to be moving in the direction of a constant main event performer.

It seemed like WrestleMania 28 changed all of that. 

Being put on the card as part of the Team Johnny team versus Team Teddy didn't allow the show-off to really show off that night. Being blended into a twelve-man tag team match didn't give him nearly enough time to showcase to the world his skills and move-set that he commands.

Since that night, Ziggler seems to have had more matches in a tag team than in a singles match. Continuing this path put the former spirit squad member in a limbo of losses and no gold. 

Recently, we have seen that Ziggler isn't happy with his situation, complaining to Vickie Guerrero, telling Jack Swagger to back off when it comes to his matches and finally getting more singles matches.

A pinnacle moment in his recent career was not even a match. Instead, it was when he was in the back watching the monitors and seeing Randy Orton basking in the spotlight and his comments were, "That should be me."

With two of WWE's biggest guys removed from the roster for a bit, it seems that Ziggler is getting his chance to shine—and not just in an online role.

Over on WWE.com, he successfully hosts the show "WWE Download," a Tosh.0-type of show where Ziggler checks out some funny clips from the online world and makes comments in his true Ziggler fashion.

With that and his Twitter account, Ziggler shows he's got the wit to be someone who can be contended with on the microphone. 

Skills in the ring, talent on the mic and a cocky attitude to make some of the best legends humble.

Dolph Ziggler may be the next Chris Jericho and it looks like the WWE might finally be giving him the chance to grab the ball and run with it all the way.

This Sunday, we'll see if his abilities can be enough to go against the powerhouse wrecking machine Sheamus. 

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