Five Athletes That Need To Move to the NFL

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Five Athletes That Need To Move to the NFL

You are thinking, "What? The tallest guy in the NFL is 6'8", so Kobe would be the tallest player in the NFL? That it is pretty weird."

Everyone has thought about this at one point while watching football. Maybe you see players in other sports that are perfect for the NFL, and you only wish that your team would get them. 

Here are five professional players in other sports that could be perfect fits for the NFL.


1. Dwight Howard

This titan of a man would be one of the meanest defensive tackles in the game, weighing in at 265-pounds and standing at 6'11", which would be considered tall for the NFL. Howard would be able to pass rush and bat-down any pass that was thrown in his direction.

Howard's biggest contribution might just be on special teams, where he could block field goal attempts with ease. 


2.  LeBron James

Everyone has seen the new commercial with LeBron playing for the Browns.

Well, think about this. If LeBron were a wide receiver in the NFL, he would be able to catch the ball over any opponent's head when in perfect position.

He would be a target that every quarterback would kill for. Clearly, it would be ideal to throw in his enormous body, and you have a wall of a man to help in the running game.  


3. Amare Stoudemire

This is a fun one.

Stoudemire would be a strong side linebacker. He has the speed to chase down any position, and the body to take them to the ground. Throw in his leaping ability, and he is an offensive coordinator's worse nightmare. 


4. Usain Bolt

The World's Fastest Man.

Bolt would be able to follow such greats as Chuck Hayes and become a game breaker. Although his strides are a bit long for the sport, if you put him on special teams, both offense and defense, he would become a legend.

There is no one even close to his speed in the NFL. A coach's only job would be to teach him to aim his body at the guy he is tackling or the goal he should be heading for. 


5. David Beckham

Beckham is now trying to get out of America. I say we give him one more shot and make him a punter. Let's see if one of the world's best soccer players can kick the American football as well as the European "football."

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