'Miami Zombie' Victim Ronald Poppo Delivers a Post-Surgery 'Go Heat'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 12, 2012

Photo Credit: Latino Post
Photo Credit: Latino Post

The most bizarre and horrifying story of the year finally takes a positive turn as Ronald Poppo continues to get better from his injuries. He even managed to take time to mention his beloved Miami Heat along the way. 

Gawker reports the latest on Poppo and the gruesome facial injuries he sustained by way of Rudy Eugene, a man who is now referred to as the "Miami Zombie."

Pictures of Poppo circulated around the Internet in late May when a drugged-up Eugene came upon Poppo and maniacally attacked him. 

In the end, 80 percent of Poppo's face was ripped away, leaving a gruesome crater where a man's face once rested. 

For many, the emotional scars would be too ghastly to remedy, and the loss of sight, pain and anguish would have others in a deep depression. 

In what must be the best news in this story, Poppo is doing quite well. 

Jackson Health System has tweeted on Poppo giving us hope that he is managing through the misery.

"We have mental health professionals to help him with the coping and he's coping remarkably well," Dr. Namias tells media.

— JacksonHealthSystem (@jhsmiami) June 12, 2012

They also tweeted this gem.

Dr. Namias says he visited Mr. Poppo this morning and he had a message for everyone: "Go Heat!"

— JacksonHealthSystem (@jhsmiami) June 12, 2012

After living through a nightmare scenario, it's nice to think the NBA Finals can bring at least a momentary respite from the misery. 

Gawker includes a photo of Poppo's injuries which we warn are quite graphic.

As the report issues, the 65-year-old has undergone a great many skin grafts since he was admitted on May 26th. 

And he will now be with the hospital for several more weeks yet to work on wounds that seemed to many to be far too much for any human to live with. 

Poppo survived and will be rooting on the Heat just like millions around Miami. It's a small positive in an otherwise dreadful story, but we take the good where we can find it.

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